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Church on A Friday

Are you sitting down? If not, grab a seat, I’m going in today. It doesn’t matter what your religious preference is, I love everyone but be warned that if you continue reading, you are having church today. Not church in the spiritual sense per say but I am bringing forth the word. Are you ready? Let’s do it! When I tell you that I have learned more lessons in the last 30 days about myself and leadership than I have in the last 3 years. I’m not joking. Quite frankly, I have been working to Read more […]

4 Lies Every Woman Tells Herself and the World

4 Lies Every Woman Tells Herself and The World I’ve been living a lie and it’s time that I confess. As a certified workaholic, I had no idea how much I was missing by not truly taking time to enjoy the simplest moments of life. The past few months have taught me the importance of recognizing the lies that we all live as we pretend to be happy, in love and successful. During childhood, we were taught to believe that we had to fall in love. We were convinced that if we didn’t find Prince Read more […]

3 Words You Must Speak Over Your Life

Life is not a popularity contest, the only person that must like you is you. As you continue to climb the ladder of life, you will inevitably discover that life is far from a popularity contest. That good old saying “You can’t please everybody” will sing a melody in your ear more times than you care to hear the song. As I continue to examine the reasons that we make most of the decisions that we make, it is because we want others to like us. We want to be liked on social media, we want Read more […]