"Every Face Has A Story That Deserves to Be Told." 

- Ardre Orie

5 Reasons You Should Be Writing A Book Now!

If you aren’t currently writing your book, then you most certainly should be. You’ve been holding that story in for far too long. It’s time to WRITE NOW!

7 Social Media Must-Haves for Authors

Social media is a viable tool that should be included as a part of every author’s marketing strategy. Check out the 7 platforms that no author should be without.

Ultimate Publishing Checklist

There is so much to consider when preparing to get your book to market. My ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist makes life that much easier!


I exist to tell the greatest stories of our souls.

My bio states that I am a Celebrity Ghostwriter, book publishing expert, playwright, film director and CEO of 13th & Joan Publishing House. If you ask me, I’m a bonafide Storyteller! I’ve written for a host of clients including VH1, MTV, WETV, BRAVO, BET, CENTRIC, YouTube, Grammy Award-winning artists, as well as the sports and entertainment industries and a bevy of entrepreneurs and everyday heroes. As the product of a single parent home and childhood survivor of domestic violence, I recognized that there was great power in the transparency of my pain through storytelling. My goal as a media maven is to create platforms that allow the voices of those who have suffered from oppressive circumstances to be heard and to create books that feed our souls and sheds light on our experiences. As I always say, “we’ve got stories to tell.”

Let Me Tell You More

I provide innovative solutions for writing and publishing books!

I’ve maintained a whirlwind romance with words for as long as I can remember and they have loved me back. With three decades of writing experience and over a decade of serving clients as a publishing industry leader, telling stories is what I do.


Transferring the most intimate sentiments from the hearts and minds of my clients to ensure that their story is crafted with attention to detail is the key to my approach as a ghostwriter.

Author Coaching

There is a writer inside of us all that is waiting for the opportunity to unleash their talents. I coach authors  from concept to completion of a published work.

Book Publishing

There is so much information available regarding the publishing that many authors find it difficult to navigate the waters.  I founded a publishing company that offers turn-key solutions to ensure that books are published both nationally and internationally, withouth the hassle.


Author Brand Strategist

Every author needs an incredible platform from which to tell their story.  I help businesses and brands to narrate the essence of their existence to create raving fans and followers through the art of storytelling.

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Keynote Speaker


My mother always taught me that when you enter a room, you must bring the light in with you. My life has been colorful to say the least.  After a thriving career in education and a leap of faith into entrepreneurship, believe me when I say, I’ve got stories to tell.

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Writing Excursions

Sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what you need to get your writing done. Let’s meet face to face for my signature Writing Excursions that boast a work and play persona. Who knew that being productive could be so much fun!

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It was my honor to oversee the production of these amazing literary offerings.

Rock and Soul

Riveting, rousing, and outright inspiring, Rock & Soul is an intimate portrait of the legendary Thomas McClary, founder of the world-renowned musical group The Commodores and creator of what many refer to as the signature sound.

The Civil Rights Movement provided the ultimate backdrop that thrusted McClary into an early life of activism and historical triumphs as the first black student to integrate Lake County Public Schools in his hometown of Eustis, Florida. Reared with a tremendous work ethic, he arose from the concrete of societal imposed standards with fervor for life, family, and music.
Step Up, Step Out, and Shine

After over a decade of building a multi-faceted career spanning television, film, stage, and digital and leveraging the power of social media to create a global brand and an engaged community of fans and followers, Digital Personality and Content Creator, Africa Miranda reveals her innermost thoughts on rejecting the status quo to discover the absolute best version of yourself. Step Up, Step Out, and Shine, her debut book, filled with witty anecdotes, life lessons and commentary on all things self-discovery is supercharged with positive energy, and revelations for transformative success. Unfiltered and honest, the truth according to Africa Miranda is the advice you never even knew that you needed to discover your best life yet.

By the Way: A Memoir

Riveting and seamlessly authentic, By the Way chronicles the exploits of Elgin Charles, known to the world as “The Emperor of Hair.” Through an intricately aligned series of fiery confessions, readers bear witness to the coming of age tale of a young man in search of identity and divine purpose.

With exquisite lyricism, By the Way grants access to a world where the quest for love without limits and the ability to achieve access to the opulence that life has to offer is won. A uniquely triumphant and candidly unnerving read that serves a completely raw depiction of a life lived fearlessly and out loud, despite the odds and the spiritual warfare raging within.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Ardre gets the job done. Her writing left me on the edge of my seat, wanting to read more.

Donnie Simpson

American Radio|TV Legend

Ardre encouraged me to tell a part of my story that I had never even thought of. I could not have finished my book without her help.

Amina Pankey

VH1s Love and Hip Hop NY

I’ve worked with the greats in the music industry like Berry Gordy and Lionel Richie. Ardre Orie has that same greatness as a writer. She has this ability to pull the best out of you.

Thomas McClary

Founder of The Commodores

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No Story Shall Be Left Behind

Hot New Authors Coming Soon!

I am blessed to serve as a vessel for the untold stories of the most amazing clients.

Stevie Baggs

NFL Veteran and Actor

Nichole Lynel

Fashion Designer

Mike Hill

FOX Sports & Netflix Host

Nia Imani

Digital Influencer


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