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You Need This: 3 Lessons on Sowing and Reaping

Have you ever worked so hard but saw very few results? I wouldn’t be truthful if I said that I hadn’t. This is often where the story ends for many. Day in and day out, you exert effort but never quite reaping what you have sown. Recently, I’ve been reading less business material and more spiritual material for my personal development and I relearned one of the most obvious lessons. The word reap is a verb. That means that you must exert just as much effort to reap as you do to sow. Stay with Read more […]

My Biggest Announcement of 2016

Have you ever done something that scared you? You most definitely have to or your dreams aren’t big enough! I was scared beyond imagination of what I am about to do next. How did I get to this place? I thought you’d never ask. I was minding my own business planning my 2016 SAFELY. I was planning to keep writing, directing films and releasing plays and of course launching a few beauty campaigns all in the name of self-worth. This is the safe zone. In the midst of minding my own business, my Read more […]

Is Modesty the Best Policy? 7 Reasons Why Chef Aesha Curry Might Have the Secret Sauce

Unless you have been absent from social media, you have probably been privy to the great debate recently sparked by Ayesha Curry. Now if you don’t know who Ayesha Curry is, allow me enlighten you. Ayesha is a mother of two daughters, a chef, ambassador Recently Ayesha came under fire when she sparked a great debate surrounding modesty. You read it correctly, modesty. Who fights over modesty you ask? Apparently, Twitter.  Ayesha who is heavily engaged in social media (like most of us) happened Read more […]

Allow Me to Introduce

  There is a quote that states that you should introduce yourself so many times that you never have to do it again. And guess what, that’s exactly what I plan to do. I keep wondering what inside of me is so driven to have the world recognize my message? Let’s admit it, life would be much simpler if we all just focused on the things that go on in our worlds but there is this calling, this yearning that won’t let you sleep at night. I call it purpose. Whatever higher power you believe in, Read more […]

Ardre Orie Announces Casting for

            If you could ask a gentleman any question in the world with certainty that he would answer honestly, what would it be? Would you ask about love and relationships? Or possibly you would inquire about business and finances. If I had been given the chance, I would have asked my father if he ever loved me? That question has dangled over my heart for so many years. I would later discover my answer but it would be too late to have developed Read more […]

3 Words You Must Speak Over Your Life

Life is not a popularity contest, the only person that must like you is you. As you continue to climb the ladder of life, you will inevitably discover that life is far from a popularity contest. That good old saying “You can’t please everybody” will sing a melody in your ear more times than you care to hear the song. As I continue to examine the reasons that we make most of the decisions that we make, it is because we want others to like us. We want to be liked on social media, we want Read more […]


I can officially add the title “Director” to my resume and I am overwhelmed to say the least. Of all of the goals that I have set for myself, the completion of this project would make the list of the most challenging. I set my soul on becoming a director because I wanted desperately to create media that could reach the masses and tell our stories and today, I am proud to say that I am finished with my first film! “I AM” is an American documentary film that candidly accounts one woman’s Read more […]

Popularity is Not Success

Popularity is not success. I repeat, “Popularity is not success”. This week, I saw a quote on one of my favorite blogger’s wall that resonated with me and it read: Popularity is not success.  Have you noticed that social media is driving our self-worth? Whether we choose to admit it or not, we are absorbing “likes” like air and when they are scarce, many of us become negatively impacted. Recently, I released the trailer for my forthcoming documentary “I AM” (if you haven’t seen it, see Read more […]

Whom Shall I Fear? 3 Ways to Silence the Negative Noise

I want you to ask yourself the following question: Whom shall I fear? If you think long and hard, chances are you can reply with the answer “no one”. Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Simply put, fear is paralyzing and manifests in so many negative ways in our lives. It makes us jealous of the success of others, it prevents is from taking a leap of faith and it leaves us stagnant and our Read more […]

Say Goodbye to Pain

I don’t always speak about the violence that disrupted my home but I am beginning to. Speaking and writing about it is the only way that I can heal. In my play Lipstick Monologues (www.lipstickmonologues.com), I wrote a monologue that spoke to the hands of the violence that rocked the core of my being and resulted in the attack of the strongest person that I knew: my mother. I casted a powerful actress named Melanie Anderson who portrayed me at this time in my life in the Lipstick Monologues.     I Read more […]