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Happy #IAM500 New Year

It is my absolute joy to kickoff 2015 with an act of service. I have found immense power in channeling positive energy for women to look and feel their best! To this end, I have established the #IAM500 Campaign in which an amazing team of devoted beauty industry professionals and corporate sponsors have joined together to reach our goal of 500 makeovers for 500 women and teen girls in 2015. In addition to the makeovers, I will personally provide my innovative #IAM Coaching System to all participants. Read more […]

An Open Letter to All the Little Girls Watching

Dear Girls, Let me first start by saying that I am not writing this letter to throw hate or shade.  I believe every woman to be beautiful in their own right.  I am writing this letter to simply present the case that in all things, we have options. This morning I woke up and began to read the news and engage in social media as I often do.  Before 10 am, I saw two pictures of two women who I consider beautiful creatures and very much influencers in today’s society that encouraged me to write Read more […]