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Million Dollar Advice

Have you met the hope builder? Or perhaps you’ve encountered the dream fulfiller? Maybe you have run into the destiny shaper or even the heart shaker? On Sunday, October 18, 2015, Melissa Hibbert was all those things and more as she activated another installment of her highly acclaimed Beauty & the Business Conference in Los Angeles, California. I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa Hibbert, Business and Beauty Expert and Entrepreneur via social media and she invited me to attend her Beauty Read more […]


Every summer, I spend a week as an instructor at FSU teaching high school students about entrepreneurship. We work on everything that I can possibly think of that they may need to know or be able to do for success in their collegiate career and hopefully entrepreneurial pursuit. Whether they recognize it or not, every year, I subliminally teach the students about legacy. Legacy is defined as follows: leg·a·cy ˈleɡəsē/ noun 1. an amount of money or property left to someone in a will. synonyms: Read more […]

If You’re Reading This, You’re Right on Time

If you’re reading this, you’re right on time. This past weekend, I released my second book A Heroine in Heels (www.aheroineinheels.com) to a room filled with new and old friends. Words can’t describe the positive energy that circulated in the room. It was majestic. Smiles, hugs, tears of joy and intimate stories were all a part of the backdrop. During the event as well as in the book, I spoke candidly about my past hurt that caused me to place a barrier around my heart. I allowed the hurt that Read more […]

Live & Love: 4 Things You Must Do Now

Life is happening right now. We must not miss it. I felt so sad today as I awoke to discover that a young lady by the name of Kyssi Andrews who battled with cancer passed away. At her young age she, demonstrated more courage than many adults do on a daily basis walking in perfect health. Her mother worked so hard to ensure that she had everything that she needed and that she captured priceless moments in life. Because of her mother’s tireless efforts, Kyssi LIVED. Sometimes we spend so much time Read more […]

I AM: 5 Ways to Know Your Worth

When you wake up in the morning, you should hear your own personal theme song and when your feet hit the floor, you should be moving to the Pandora station inside your head; simply because of your existence. We must come to a place of understanding that we believe without question that standing up and proclaiming “I AM” means that we are aware of what we can offer the world and that we have the power to make it a better place.   The real truth is that many of us awake defeated.  There Read more […]

One Wish

I decided to celebrate my birthday a little differently this year… For me every new day is the gift of a moment to create and live on purpose. For me that means, shining a light that may either illuminate a path towards inner prosperity for myself or others. The best gifts are not tangible yet the warmth of the heart that knows who she is and where she is going. This year for my birthday, I did not request gifts or material things that I don’t really need or value, I asked God to take me higher Read more […]

We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off

                  I have to ask, What is mainstream media teaching our girls about their value?” What do our male counterparts really think of us? There are so many indicators that point to the notion that we are still not viewed as smart, financially savvy or to possess the same business acumen as our fellow men.  Could any of this be in part to the portrayal of women in mass media? As I continue to work on filming Read more […]

I Hope You Dance

I have always used writing as a tool to heal from within.  It provides opportunities for reflection and insight to your inner most thoughts and the sentiments of your heart.  Upon discovering a lump in my breast for the 3rd time, I wrote the following sentiments that speak to the very heart of my desire: If someone asks you what you want, there are a myriad of things that come to mind. However, when you are staring at the face of death, your true desires are revealed. I rarely speak on extreme Read more […]

Every Ending Equals a New Beginning

Sometimes we dread the ending of things in our lives. A relationship, partnership, period in time or even just a moment that we want to last forever. The reality of it all is that everything has a starting and finishing point. We should however be encouraged in knowing that every end signifies a new beginning.   Over the past 3 months, I have had to be what I refer to as the closer; the person who makes a decision to terminate or bring an end to an activity.  There are times when difficult situations Read more […]

An Open Letter to All the Little Girls Watching

Dear Girls, Let me first start by saying that I am not writing this letter to throw hate or shade.  I believe every woman to be beautiful in their own right.  I am writing this letter to simply present the case that in all things, we have options. This morning I woke up and began to read the news and engage in social media as I often do.  Before 10 am, I saw two pictures of two women who I consider beautiful creatures and very much influencers in today’s society that encouraged me to write Read more […]