No Excuse Will Do

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No Excuse Will Do

One More Reason to Chase Your Dream Now

This photo depicts a beautiful story that unravels in a ironic way. The young lady whose shoulder I have rested my hand upon is a Chef. Her mother named her Ashalah. Together, they created Kid Chef Dreams, a budding enterprise of kid friendly cooking inspirations that provides services through baking, cooking courses, inspirational media and now books.
Ashalah’s mother who recently earned her Ph.D, has fought tooth and nail to give her children the best of what she has. Funding a Ph.D and a business for her daughter is no easy feat.

I received an email from Dr. Wright wishing to inquire about publishing services through my company 13th & Joan. During our conversation, Dr. Wright shared with me her mission to make her daughter’s dream of becoming an author a reality. In her words: “Mrs. Orie, I know that you are running a business but I only want you to be our author coach. I will do whatever it takes to come up with whatever I need to get this book completed.” I told Dr. Wright that I would keep a client space open for them. It warmed my heart to hear their story but more importantly, witness their fight and desire.

I later learned that Dr. Wright and Ashalah amped up their youth cooking courses to raise the funding for their book. As time progressed, I not only agreed to be Ashalah’s author coach but I also offered them a publishing deal to be an intricate part of their journey. With an unquestionable work ethic and desire for excellence, I too want to be a part of their success.
Last week during my trip to Atlanta, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting both Dr. Wright and Chef Ashalah for the first time. The love that you see in the photo is real and so are dreams. Anything worth having is worth working for and Dr. Wright and Ashalah are living proof.
It is not about what you do or don’t have, but more so about using all that you already have to get all that you desire.
This story and stories like these are yet another confirmation that I am walking in purpose. I feel beyond blessed to bear witness to them every single day. I share these stories with you in hopes that you too will do whatever it takes to realize your dreams. The world has enough resources for everyone to win.
Stories like these make me fight harder. If Dr. Wright and Chef Ashalah can make a way out of no way, no excuse will do.
I challenge you to do something today that your future self will thank you for and be sure to write it down. Today just might be the beginning of a beautiful new chapter. All my love.

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