Ardre Orie Recognized as A Changemaker by Black Celebrity Giving

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Ardre Orie Recognized as A Changemaker by Black Celebrity Giving

All, I’ve ever wanted was to make a difference.
I can finally say that I am walking in purpose. About 6 years ago, I resolved that purpose must be rooted in service. We must hear the calling to serve others before being able to delight in purpose. That said, I spent another 6 years listening to a higher calling regarding how that would look. What would I do in the midst of service? Would I be able to make money to survive and support my family through my service? Would my service make room for me in the midst of all of the work? These were all questions that I reflected upon often. With a heart of service and the desire to make a difference, I am finding confirmation in places that I had not dreamed of.

Last week, I received the honor of being featured as a Change Maker by Black Celebrity Giving. Their work and dedication to service is incomparable. The article focused on the release of my new book Let Your Lips Speak Life, now available on Amazon. I wrote this book to challenge readers to speak positivity and victory over their lives but to also find the gems in their stories.

Checkout a blurb about Let Your Lips Speak Life:

Do you know that your words have power? Let Your Lips Speak Life: 30 Days of Self-Affirming Love, takes you on a self-guided 30 day challenge, to recondition your approach to self-talk and self-love. Beginning each day with powerfully constructed affirmations, creates balance within the mind, body and soul that serve as a thought-provoking reminder of just how powerful you are.

To be recognized for my book Let Your Lips Speak Life and my dedication to helping others to tell their stories, is confirmation that my labor is not in vain.
I wanted to share the article with you in hopes that you too will use the best of what you have to serve others. It is the reason that we exist.
I say “Mama, I made it”, because I figured out the recipe for success: to serve others. All my love. ❤


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