Make It Rain

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Make It Rain

Have you ever heard anyone say: “A calm sea never qualifies a skillful sailor?”


I have found this to be one of the many truths that is revealed to us along the journey of life.
If you look back over your life and consider some of your most difficult moments, I guarantee you that they came just before a miraculous blessing.
It would take me months to tell you how many storms came before blessings in my life and the lives of those that I love.
To that end, we must also recognize that the storms do not just occur in our lives but close to our hearts and in the lives of those that are closest to us. The storm is a test. God has to be reassured of our loyalty and he allows us to see just how loyal those around us will be when the storm is on the horizon.
As you approach your greatest blessings, you too will approach your greatest tests. You will feel undervalued and overworked. You will feel unappreciated and sometimes even unloved. You will see people abandon you and chastise your name. You will also tire even when you know that the finish line is near. Be steadfast, these are all temporary. As they say, trouble don’t last always. Nor does the storm.

I too have endured storms. To say that I have lost friends along the way is an understatement. And to say that there have been times when I have wanted to throw in the towel is putting it nicely. But here are the facts, everyone is not meant to sail the sea of life set aside for you with you. As time goes on, you learn to recognize quickly who will sail for only a course and who will endure the entire journey. There is great power in learning to release those who will sail for only a course when the course comes to an end. And get this, a skillful sailor must learn to navigate his or her own ship. Period. No one can do it for you. Only you have the power to do so.
Furthermore, enduring storms teach you a great deal about yourself. You discover strength and tenacity that you didn’t even know that you had. You learn that you have heart and that you are not easily broken.


I have come to understand that storms are the final exam before graduation. They are the last step towards collecting what is owed to you in exchange for your toil.
The storm is like a big question painted in the sky asking you to consider if you have what it takes? Can you stand the rain?

And as I ponder why we need storms and hardships in our lives, I am reminded that even the most beautiful roses need rain to thrive.
In natural settings, storms remove residue, replenish and most importantly they strengthen. We need all of these elements to sail full steam ahead towards our goals and our destinies.

Now, I ask you, what storms are you facing and what blessings are you expecting?

Take a few seconds to yourself today and hum and snap your fingers to the sweet melody of that 90’s R&B Classic by SWV, Rain Down On Me and know that your blessing is just on the other side of the storm. Sail your ship honey! All my love. ❤️

Ardre Orie,
Writer|Publisher|Film Director|Advocate

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