Ardre Orie Launches 13th & Joan

Celebrity Ghostwriter| Book Publisher|Media Maven

Ardre Orie Launches 13th & Joan

I’m Officially Open for Business ❤️ — In 2013, I founded a publishing company. At the time, I only published my own books through my company. A little under a year ago, I launched a multi media company affectionately named 13th & Joan with a vision to offer not only publishing services but access to media in every format. I formed this company to provide options for people like you and I to tell our stories through media.
I wasn’t quite sure how I would even get it off the ground and even questioned if I could be successful in doing so. But, I knew that it had to be done to counter the overflow of media that often affects us in a negative way. And although not easy, the journey to build 13th & Joan has been so worth it.

I recall being approached to help someone write a book and I spent so much time preparing only to never receive a call back. It is so hurtful when you work so hard and don’t get the results that you had hoped for. And even while staring disappointment in the face, I didn’t stop preparing. I kept studying and taking courses and honing my skills as a writer and publisher in preparation for the business that I envisioned.

Not long afterwards, I began receiving calls for my services and I was more than ready.
In this short time, I have ghost written books for several clients and overseen the total publishing process for others. I have coached authors and aspiring authors and even began work on some upcoming film projects. These are all things that I have grown to love immensely.

I love telling stories and most importantly, I love helping others to give birth to theirs. The world needs them. There is a sense of freedom that is unprecedented in this act. As I always say, no soul should bear a story untold.

I have been building 13th & Joan for a year and I am proud to say that today, I am officially open for business!
If you wish to write a book, direct a film or launch a marketing campaign, there is no time like the present. Let me help you. The world needs your voice.

Most importantly, never give up on your dreams. Keep preparing so that when your time comes, you will be ready. Trust me, if you put in the work and send up a few solid prayers, your time will come. All my love. ❤️

Ardre Orie, Writer|Film Director|Advocate
P.S. A special thank you to Erica Dias of The B Firm for taking a leap of faith with me.
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