Create Your Destiny Why Don’t You?

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Create Your Destiny Why Don’t You?

If I ask you what has caused you the greatest pain in your life, what would you say? I speak to countless ladies and almost every one of them can tell me what has hurt them deeply. Those that cannot have simply not allowed themselves to feel it or they have managed to shut off that place in their hearts.
For many, the source of pain is hidden in a dark place that the rest of the world does not know, unless you have discovered what I refer to as the “Path to Prosperity”.
I have spent so much time studying the processes and behaviors that lead us to excellence. I have also studied failure.
Through my research and observation, I believe that we can only tap into our greatest power when we acknowledge our greatest source of pain. And in doing so, a rippling affect can occur that leads us to power. That sounds a little absurd right? Stay with me here.

Have you ever seen an oil stain on a new garage floor? Neither have I. Allow me to rephrase the question. Have you ever seen an oil stain on an old garage floor? Of course, we all have.
As minor as this detail is, there is great power in the example. The concrete when poured is clean. There are no spots. It is a clean slate. But over time as the same car is parked in the same place, oil and residue from the car’s engine leaks out onto the floor of the garage. As the days, months and even years pass by, no one even notices the stain that is embedding itself into the concrete.

Your soul is the clean slab of concrete. Your source of pain is the leak. We all have a leak. I don’t care what anyone says, every face has a story and every story has a source of pain.

It is no secret that my source of pain is rooted in feelings of abandonment by my father and witnessing domestic violence in my home. Sometimes our sources of pain are things that happen outside of our control and sometimes our sources of pain are self-inflicted. No one source weighs more heavy than the other, they all hurt. This is why we can never tell someone that what they have been through is not hurtful enough or to just get over it.
However, we must find a way to stop the drip so that we can tap into the most powerful versions of ourselves.

Discovering that pain, acknowledging it, calling it by name and recognizing when your actions are driven by it is indeed powerful. There is so much strength in this step.
After discovering that pain, it is a natural progression to become passionate about doing something about it. This is where we must be careful. We must ensure that our passion is channeled towards making a difference and positive impact in the world. We often mistake revenge for passion. This will never lead to prosperity. The only actions that propel us forward are those rooted in positively impacting the lives of others.
This is why you see so many ladies and gentlemen who create non-profits or in my case socially driven business ventures. The pain has manifested into passion to make a difference.

As you set out on a journey to make a difference, you discover purpose. We act as though our purpose is hidden. More than likely you are “doing” your purpose right now. But walking in it is where the line is blurred. Our purpose is not rooted in what we can do. Our purpose is rooted in who we can help. It is the thing that you do without even thinking about it.
Truth moment: Of all the things that I have done, God still leads me back to writing and speaking as my greatest gifts. No matter what else I do, these two areas always yield the greatest harvest. I am working on expanding these and will share more about that with you another time.

What do you do well when helping others? That is the million dollar question. How do you best help others? That is your purpose. It is not about what will make you the most money although the world would have us to believe so. It is about how you best help others. The Bible states that your gifts will make room for you. If you see someone who is obviously working and walking in purpose, don’t compare yourself. Reach out and help someone and see where your actions make the most impact. That is the only way to discover your purpose.

Lastly, you can’t imagine the power that comes with this discovery. You don’t even feel like you walk on earth, you feel like you are floating. You will no longer apologize for the greatness that is within you. You will also find yourself deleting the people, places and things that hinder you from floating. To put it bluntly, you will release dead weight. You now recognize that if you can’t float, you can’t reach back and pull others up (purpose). You will walk in destiny and recognize that you had the power to create it all along.

I share this message with you today because I will carry this same message as a panelist at the Create Your Destiny Tour Stop in Chicago.
You can learn more about the amazing creators Madison Jaye and Life Coach Brittany as well as the all star line up of panelists and cities that the tour will visit by clicking here:

Pain, passion, purpose, power: these are the four most intricate steps that we must take towards prosperity and creating our destinies. All my love. ❤️
Ardre Orie
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