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There are so many messages around us if we can be still enough to listen. Our messages can come from places unexpected and even the youngest minds of the world.

I spent some time researching how I would teach my daughters about Dr. King’s work. The scenario in which to do so changes with every year. When I was in school, we learned profusely about all history and it was so amazing to see nations overcome and great leadership through adversity. To know about Dr. King was an understatement. Had my mother not taught me anything (in which she did), I would have been informed on many levels at school.

My youngest daughter London came home on Friday and shared with me that her teacher had done a phenomenal job introducing the class to Dr. King and what he stood for. What she realized quickly was that Dr. King recognized his innate power to make a difference.

My true wish is for each of us to remember that the same power resides in each of us. This same power can take us to places never imagined and help us to change the world in positive ways. Dr. King knew that power and called it by name. It was ever present in his life. Although many thought his vision was unrealistic, he saw it clearly and walked in it and towards it daily.

I stumbled upon internet sensation Kid President’s “The Story of Dr. Martin Luther King” and determined that I would also share his cute video with my girls today. The quote that I loved the most from his video about Dr. King was: “He wanted to change things so he did stuff”.
When we want to see change in the world around us, we have to do stuff; it’s as simple as that. What stuff will you decide to do this year to change your world? I’d say we all have work to do. The world need us and our power.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: “What are you doing for others?” MLK

All my love. ❤️

Ardre Orie, Author|Film Director| Advocate
Watch Kid President’s “The Story of MLK”

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