Goodbyes & Hellos

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Goodbyes & Hellos

Goodbyes & Hellos ❤️

The things that we leave behind and the things that we acquire will make the difference in our New Year, not resolutions.
Today, we are all authors with pens in our hands anxiously awaiting an opportunity to write the first words in chapter 2016 in our books of life.
This year, I’m throwing the idea of a New Year’s resolution out with 2015. I’m saying goodbye to it. What I’ve noticed about people who attain success is that they are in a constant state of creating, revising and evolving behaviors, emotional elements and character traits that help them to become the best versions of themselves. It is a way of life.

Allow me to use my fitness journey as an example. In high school, I never worked out and really didn’t wish to even break a sweat. If I did so, it was because it would be an opportunity to be social. My girlfriends and I would vow to visit the track periodically but it didn’t last. We would end up at a restaurant with our workout clothes on instead.
Fast forward to my college years after a few health scares, I decided that being healthy would be a way of life for me. Throughout my years at the gym, I would recognize how crowded it became from January to mid February. Upon reflection, I realized that these were all of the people that resolved to workout. I would venture to say that about 15% of them actually continued working out beyond their initial phase. People who are fit, usually maintain fitness as a way of life, not something that they have resolved to do. I decided to embark upon my fitness journey in March back then and it had nothing to do with the New Year.
The same can be said of any habit that we take into consideration. I say we throw the notion of New Year’s resolutions out of the door and instead form phases of “Goodbyes and Hellos”.
Goodbyes and hellos are as common as the wind as should be our ability to welcome and dismiss the behaviors, emotions and actions that get us closer towards our goals.
No matter what stage of development you are in, there is always room to be better. I’ve determined three things that we must say goodbye to and three things that we must say hello to.

  1.  Fear. It is paralyzing. Look back at what you experienced in 2015. You lived to tell the story. You have nothing to be afraid of and allowing fear to take up space in your heart and mind will kill your ambition. You can not afford to be afraid.
  2. Pain. Pain can make you die a slow death. In alley talks with people who reveal their hearts to me, the greatest suffering comes from pain of the past that somehow carried over and compounded year after year. I carried the burden of pain for so long but I never realized my full potential until I laid that burden down. Consider what pain you are carrying around, address and drop it off. It is not yours.
  3. Weight. Because it’s a New Year, everyone assumes that weight is in reference to physical attributes and I am speaking of those as well. We owe it to ourselves to drop unnecessary weight like a bad habit. Our health must be a top priority. I am also speaking of dead weight. People, places and things that no longer help you reach your goals are also weight. Drop them off today.


  1.  Faith. I am still amazed at what a small amount of faith we need to yield great harvest. All you have to do is believe in yourself, trust your journey and allow the process to guide your steps and you will walk right into your prosperity. With faith, comes self-esteem. You must believe that you are worthy of what you wish for and that you can open the door for yourself. Faith cannot be borrowed, you must be the rightful owner.
  2. Passion. Whatever you do, it must be done with passion. These are the only times that what we create truly outlives us. If there is no passion embedded in what you are doing, you should be the first to ask why? Chances are, you could be wasting time and let’s be honest, there is none to waste. Welcome passion with open arms and get the absolute best from yourself and the universe.
  3. Wealth. Honey, if you aren’t calling in wealth, then I will do it for both of us. We need wealth to reproduce wealth. We need wealth in our finances, spiritual resources and in our levels of energy. Wealth building must be at the forefront of what we say hello to so that we can help ourselves and others.

In my book A Heroine in Heels, I dedicate a chapter to fear and share the story of Arnita Johnson, a mother who triumphed from fear to faith in her finances. Arnita found herself in the midst of money woes, debt and credit concerns and with faith she now soars as the CEO of Luxurious Credit helping countless celebrities and everyday heroes rescue their credit and build wealth. Her career has soared so much that she donates $1,000 to small businesses each month.

We deserve to write a glorious chapter 2016 in our books of life. Saying goodbye to fear and hello to faith will allow us to do just that. I can’t wait to read your chapters. You know I’m writing mine with love.
All my love. ❤️

Ardre Orie, Author|Film Director| Advocate

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