Allow Me to Introduce

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Allow Me to Introduce


There is a quote that states that you should introduce yourself so many times that you never have to do it again. And guess what, that’s exactly what I plan to do.
I keep wondering what inside of me is so driven to have the world recognize my message? Let’s admit it, life would be much simpler if we all just focused on the things that go on in our worlds but there is this calling, this yearning that won’t let you sleep at night. I call it purpose. Whatever higher power you believe in, I know that you are right there with me when I write to you because so many of you write me back. You feel it too.
There is this undeniable energy that whispers in your ear and tells you to keep pushing, work harder, dream more and chase. What I know for sure is that if you woke up this morning, you have purpose. There is a reason for your life.

I have known my purpose for quite some time and as I have told you many times, I am walking in it. However, I am not sure that it has always been clear to the world what purpose I was walking in.
Of course, women’s empowerment and inspiration but what makes me any different from the other countless Queens doing the same work? First and foremost, let me acknowledge that I lift up every soldier in the army fighting for women to excel because I recognize the overwhelming amount of work that there is to be done. I believe that we are all tackling our share of the load from different angles and I love it!

That said, I have spent the past few months soul searching with my team maintaining laser focus on what it is that I do. You see, no matter what, you will be the only person to do what it is that you do, the way that you do it and that is monumental but you have to know what that is, what it looks like and most importantly, why.
Now that I have discovered mine, I wanted to share it with you.

I AM an author, film director and advocate for social change that redefines beauty goals for women and girls. I create books, direct films, wrote plays, create businesses and brands and launch strategic marketing campaigns that break the societal norms of what the world has told us is beautiful and I tell the stories of everyday women that we might have a voice. I am the voice of women’s empowerment.

I AM an Author
I have written two books, Consciously Beautiful: I AM Enough which intimately tells the stories of 21 women and teen girls and the various issues that they dealt with on a journey to love the reflection that they see in the mirror. In the book we address topics such as molestation, rape, domestic violence, colorism, alopecia, eating disorders and so many more. I wrote Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough because I believe that there is healing and power in our stories.
My second book A Heroine in Heels was released this year and features my personal journey as well as the journeys of 14 women who overcame trauma to triumph. I wrote this book to teach us how to overcome. It is certain that we will have trials and tribulations but we need a guide to give us strategies to see our way through. I AM an Author.

I AM A Film Director
I have always been able to tell a good story and I believe that we deserve to see more of them. I believe they we need to see reflections of ourselves in what we watch. I released my first film I AM in October of this year which is now a DVD that is gaining lots of positive attention because of your continued support. I will begin filming my next 2nd film this weekend. Wish me luck;) I AM A Film Director.

I AM An Advocate

Through my cosmetics company I Love Me Cosmetics, we market self-love and lipstick, a perfect combination. There is no better place to tell a woman she is beautiful than when she is having fun with makeup.
I also have written and directed two stage productions Lipstick Monologues and The Heart of A Man which both feature casts who speak the real, organic truths of women and men and spark widespread conversations about the dangers of skewed self-worth through storytelling.
In 2016, I will take my advocacy efforts to higher heights by establishing a national platform to increase conversations and empower women to recognize their strength and walk in their power through the “I AM Ambassadors Program” (a group of community advocates who host viewings of my films) and my newest effort “The Beautiful Mile” (a multi-city empowerment walk and beauty experience). I AM An Advocate.

My mission is to help women find their power by speaking their truths and recognizing the harmful effects of low self-worth. I am the voice of women’s empowerment.

If I wanted to stop, I couldn’t because the voice that speaks in my ear is not a whisper, it is a roar and it clearly says: “Ardre Orie, you have work to do”.

My name is Ardre Orie and I am an author, film director and self-worth advocate. I am pleased to meet you. Most importantly, I thank you for all of your encouragement and support along the way, you will never know how much it keeps me going. Now I ask you to consider, how will you introduce yourself in 2016? I can’t wait to hear from you. All my love. ❤️

Ardre Orie, Author|Film Director|Advocate

P.S. Click the photo to get your copy of “I AM”, the DVD in time for the holidays. Self-love is the gift that keeps on giving.



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