Ardre Orie Releases Cover Art for New Stage Play

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Ardre Orie Releases Cover Art for New Stage Play

It is my belief that one of the reasons that relationships between men and women suffer is because we have been programmed to speak and men have not. From the workplace to friendships and even relationships, we are required to interact with our male counterparts for success. Sometimes, we lose what feels like a battle because we haven’t really heard what men have to say. I mean really heard.
The best insight that I receive into the heart of a man is from my husband. He and I resolved to be relentlessly truthful about how the other sex thinks, how they are wired and how they truly feel.
It has always been my dream to find and way to get this information to as many women as possible. If we truly understood the heart of a man, we would be empowered to strengthen our relationships with them and increase our success in business and life.

I am pleased to reveal to you the cover art for my newest theatrical production “The Heart of A Man”.

Men are often seen and not heard. The Heart of A Man is a unique theatrical production that interweaves the true emotions of a man’s mind and heart into words and soliloquies that often go unspoken and allow him to bear his soul to the world. The Heart of A Man takes audiences on a journey of realization, triumph, inspiration and ultimately love.
Written and directed by Award winning author, playwright and director Ardre Orie and produced by veteran actress and producer Rasheda Randle, The Heart of A Man was created to give women a uniquely orchestrated opportunity to experience a man’s true feelings and inner most thoughts. Will you find yourself in his story?

I know without question that every woman must hear the words that men never speak. Every woman deserves to know what is truly inside the heart of a man. It is there that we also find many keys to our own hearts.

Click the photo to learn more about The Heart of A Man and stay tuned for the announcement about the upcoming dates and cities.

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