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Black Friday Write Now!

Do you have a book inside of your soul? Can you imagine the sense of accomplishment you will feel when… You can hold your book in your hands? You can begin creating a source of residual income? You have a tool to inspire and empower others? You finish your book? My Author Coaching Program “#AUTHORGOALS” Will Get You Across the Finish Line. #AUTHORGOALS 7 Step Author Coaching Program I’ve revolutionized the self-publishing process with #AUTHORGOALS, my 7 step author coaching Read more […]

Life, Love & the Pursuit of Liberty

I hope that this message finds you in preparation to enjoy a day of peace. And while today is a celebrated holiday for our country, I use it as a day of remembrance and thankfulness for liberty. As I reflect, I recognize that in 1865 when America, signed the Emancipation Proclamation, my ancestors were yet still enslaved. I often wonder how life would have been different for me and my family and loved ones having to endure such harsh conditions. I also take time to reflect on race relations in Read more […]

Lemonade & Other Sweet Drinks

What’s Inside The Heart of A Man? By now, you’ve drank all the lemonade that you can stand after the surprise release of Beyonce’s new album bearing the same title. If there is one thing that Queen Bey knows how to do, it’s market. She is beyond iconic when it comes to selling us a storyline and a ticket. And whether or not you could afford a ticket to the World Tour, you and I along with everyone else in the world pulled up a seat at the table and sat down for a cold glass of #lemonade. That Read more […]

3 Words You Must Speak Over Your Life

Life is not a popularity contest, the only person that must like you is you. As you continue to climb the ladder of life, you will inevitably discover that life is far from a popularity contest. That good old saying “You can’t please everybody” will sing a melody in your ear more times than you care to hear the song. As I continue to examine the reasons that we make most of the decisions that we make, it is because we want others to like us. We want to be liked on social media, we want Read more […]

Are You Paying Attention?

If you notice, I don’t post very much on my social media platforms about political or social issues as I subliminally speak about them through my writings and frequent interactions. Trust me, I am awake and conscious at all times. I believe that my actions to create positive messages to counter much of what you see and hear speak louder. We are all listening, watching, reading and feeling the countless occurrences of violence, senseless hurting of people and slanderous exchanges from one person Read more […]

The Business of Beauty

Two weeks ago, I blogged about the media’s constant glorification of women wearing revealing clothing and inability to highlight women who are setting the standard for excellence with their minds, hearts and souls as the leading force called “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off”.  The photo that accompanied my Instagram post was for me a little radical in nature.  I was facing backwards in a subtle attempt to make the point that if all we give the world is our body to look at and thirst for, Read more […]

Happy #IAM500 New Year

It is my absolute joy to kickoff 2015 with an act of service. I have found immense power in channeling positive energy for women to look and feel their best! To this end, I have established the #IAM500 Campaign in which an amazing team of devoted beauty industry professionals and corporate sponsors have joined together to reach our goal of 500 makeovers for 500 women and teen girls in 2015. In addition to the makeovers, I will personally provide my innovative #IAM Coaching System to all participants. Read more […]