Ardre’s writing is not only thought provoking but filled with insight and powerful messages and themes that make us recognize the power in our pain.  Orie consistently pushes the envelope by giving life to voices that are often unheard  Orie’s readership continues to catapult and she continued to write in new genres on a continual basis. Checkout Some of Orie’s titles on Amazon Read more […]


The Beautiful Mile



Ardre Orie Ardre Orie is on a mission to create meaningful media that reflects the diversity of our life’s experiences and feeds our souls. The media maven has produced numerous products including books, stage plays, films and online courses to educate, advocate and empower. Ardre Orie is a human vessel for stories untold.

I AM Ardre Orie

Get Consciously Beautiful

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The Empowerment Maven

        Dubbed by her fans and supporters as “The Empowerment Maven”, Orie has cultivated her ability to leave audiences empowered since the age of 8 years old. Orie possesses a distinct ability to connect with the hearts of all ages and walks of life through her vivid storytelling, imagery and realistic perspective. With an extensive lists of clients including Fifth Third Bank, Florida State University, Georgia Tech University, the School District of Hillsborough Read more […]

The Heart of A Man

Debuting in 2016 Ardre Orie presents The Heart of A Man Men are often seen and not heard. The Heart of A Man is a unique stage production that interweaves the true emotions of a man’s mind and heart into words and soliloquies that often go unspoken and allow him to bear his soul to the world. The Heart of a Man takes audiences on a journey of realization, triumph, inspiration and ultimately love. Written and directed by Award winning author, playwright and director Ardre Orie, The Heart of Man Read more […]

Lipstick Monologues

Orie speaks on her mission to empower women women and girls through media.