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Is Your Light Dim or Shining?

I ask you to consider the following question: Is Your Light Dim or Shining? “I bear no fruit from other seeds, only that from which I was created. ” Ardre Orie I remember growing up in school how many times I felt different. I worked extremely hard to be like everyone else. Extremely hard. In my community, being different could and often did lead to scrutiny. There was something about me that was a little different. We often confuse different with better but this is a moot point. Read more […]

Are You Paying Attention?

If you notice, I don’t post very much on my social media platforms about political or social issues as I subliminally speak about them through my writings and frequent interactions. Trust me, I am awake and conscious at all times. I believe that my actions to create positive messages to counter much of what you see and hear speak louder. We are all listening, watching, reading and feeling the countless occurrences of violence, senseless hurting of people and slanderous exchanges from one person Read more […]


Every summer, I spend a week as an instructor at FSU teaching high school students about entrepreneurship. We work on everything that I can possibly think of that they may need to know or be able to do for success in their collegiate career and hopefully entrepreneurial pursuit. Whether they recognize it or not, every year, I subliminally teach the students about legacy. Legacy is defined as follows: leg·a·cy ˈleɡəsē/ noun 1. an amount of money or property left to someone in a will. synonyms: Read more […]

Whom Shall I Fear? 3 Ways to Silence the Negative Noise

I want you to ask yourself the following question: Whom shall I fear? If you think long and hard, chances are you can reply with the answer “no one”. Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Simply put, fear is paralyzing and manifests in so many negative ways in our lives. It makes us jealous of the success of others, it prevents is from taking a leap of faith and it leaves us stagnant and our Read more […]

Say Goodbye to Pain

I don’t always speak about the violence that disrupted my home but I am beginning to. Speaking and writing about it is the only way that I can heal. In my play Lipstick Monologues (, I wrote a monologue that spoke to the hands of the violence that rocked the core of my being and resulted in the attack of the strongest person that I knew: my mother. I casted a powerful actress named Melanie Anderson who portrayed me at this time in my life in the Lipstick Monologues.     I Read more […]

Faith Over Failure: 3 Ways to Not Accept Defeat

I dedicate this picture and day to the teacher who told my mother that I would never be able to write. More specifically, she said that I would have trouble writing a good essay in college. In hindsight, her words meant that she thought that I would be a failure. We all know that writing essays is one of the most crucial components of the collegiate experience. After her commentary, I not only graduated from college but went on to earn a total of three degrees and have a flourishing career as Read more […]

Live & Love: 4 Things You Must Do Now

Life is happening right now. We must not miss it. I felt so sad today as I awoke to discover that a young lady by the name of Kyssi Andrews who battled with cancer passed away. At her young age she, demonstrated more courage than many adults do on a daily basis walking in perfect health. Her mother worked so hard to ensure that she had everything that she needed and that she captured priceless moments in life. Because of her mother’s tireless efforts, Kyssi LIVED. Sometimes we spend so much time Read more […]


Am I crazy to believe that anything is possible? Absolutely! This week, I announced my #1millionreaders Campaign because somewhere along the way, my heart told me that if I could get books in the hands of 1 million people and have it photographed that my work to change the way we define beauty and promote self-worth would be impactful. There are 1 million reasons why this will not work or that I might not reach this goal but I can honestly say that I have not wasted 1 second thinking about Read more […]

The Comfort Zone: 3 Reasons You Should Never Live There

  Pack your bags and prepare to leave. Have you ever noticed that you can’t receive anything if your hands are closed? No one can give or gift you with anything if your hands are closed. It is only at the point when we make a decision to open our hands that we are in a position to receive. I refer to the hands as a symbol of the heart, mind and spirit. In many instances, we close our hearts, minds and spirits to new gifts and new opportunities. Sometimes we are bound by fear and Read more […]

To Chicago with Love

Greetings Friends, Do you realize that every word that you speak has infinite power? With every utter, you shoot rockets into the atmosphere that explode and supernaturally turn into a mist that rains over your life and lives of those with whom you come in contact with. I am ordinary but I will achieve what some may consider extraordinary because I believe in the power of my thoughts and the words that manifest and multiply. I will speak prosperity over my life. If you don’t Read more […]