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Get Lost, Find Yourself

As I woke up this morning, I realized that it is officially my birthday week! I was born on my mother’s birthday and every 7 years our birthday falls on Mother’s Day; this year being one of them. I am of course thankful for life as I recognize it as a gift. And like most, I have reflected on my purpose and service here on earth. All this time, I had been focused on being a voice for the voiceless and I now know that I was walking along the right path but I had not figured out exactly how to Read more […]

Church on A Friday

Are you sitting down? If not, grab a seat, I’m going in today. It doesn’t matter what your religious preference is, I love everyone but be warned that if you continue reading, you are having church today. Not church in the spiritual sense per say but I am bringing forth the word. Are you ready? Let’s do it! When I tell you that I have learned more lessons in the last 30 days about myself and leadership than I have in the last 3 years. I’m not joking. Quite frankly, I have been working to Read more […]

Ardre Orie Featured in Rolling Out Magazine

When I first moved to Atlanta in 2009, I learned about a magazine called Rolling Out. They featured amazing news stories of celebrities and noteworthy individuals who were rising to the top of their fields. I remember researching the cost to advertise my ventures in the magazine and recognizing that as a small business owner with a very small budget, this would not be an option for me and I tucked that dream away and put it to rest. Six years later, on January 2016, Rolling Out ran a feature Read more […]

Million Dollar Advice

Have you met the hope builder? Or perhaps you’ve encountered the dream fulfiller? Maybe you have run into the destiny shaper or even the heart shaker? On Sunday, October 18, 2015, Melissa Hibbert was all those things and more as she activated another installment of her highly acclaimed Beauty & the Business Conference in Los Angeles, California. I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa Hibbert, Business and Beauty Expert and Entrepreneur via social media and she invited me to attend her Beauty Read more […]

Pain Gives Birth to Purpose

Pain Gives Birth to Purpose… Have you ever wondered why you were going through what you were going through? Life and it’s circumstances are not just arbitrarily happening to you. They are a direct result of the energy and action that you sow daily. Pain is a by product, a sum of parts; pain is inevitable. The greater question becomes: what will you do with it? This past weekend, I spent the a few short hours in Atlanta as a panelist for the WYN Conference hosted by WETV’s new series Cutting Read more […]

The Business of Beauty

Two weeks ago, I blogged about the media’s constant glorification of women wearing revealing clothing and inability to highlight women who are setting the standard for excellence with their minds, hearts and souls as the leading force called “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off”.  The photo that accompanied my Instagram post was for me a little radical in nature.  I was facing backwards in a subtle attempt to make the point that if all we give the world is our body to look at and thirst for, Read more […]

One Wish

I decided to celebrate my birthday a little differently this year… For me every new day is the gift of a moment to create and live on purpose. For me that means, shining a light that may either illuminate a path towards inner prosperity for myself or others. The best gifts are not tangible yet the warmth of the heart that knows who she is and where she is going. This year for my birthday, I did not request gifts or material things that I don’t really need or value, I asked God to take me higher Read more […]

Lost in the Right Direction

Whether or not we wish to admit it, we all experience the act of being lost at one point or another in our lifetimes. The question then becomes, which direction are you lost in? We associate being lost with being in turmoil, out of sorts or headed in the opposite direction of our intended destination but when you allow your steps to be ordered, navigation becomes obsolete and you realize that as long as you put one foot in front of the other, you know with certainty that you are headed in the right Read more […]

Blood, Sweat & Tears to the Top

Lights, Camera, Action… People often see the finished product but rarely know or understand the work that it takes to create it. With my company I Love Me, I spend a great deal of time on sets at photo shoots.  As an education major, I would have never imagined this to be my work environment.  I had always envisioned myself surrounded with little people and adults wearing suits.  I had always envisioned myself climbing the ladder as an administrator and eventually reaching what many of my Read more […]

The Art of Starting Over

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”             F. Scott Fitzgerald I always complain about the cold weather but find myself falling in love with the fall every year.  My favorite memory to create is visiting the pumpkin patch with my children.  Every year, I watch them play and reflect on how much they have grown from the previous year.  My mind is like a measuring stick.  I even reflect on the things that I did well or want to do differently as a parent. The Read more […]