The Queen of Storytelling

Ardre Orie “The Queen of Storytelling”

Ardre’s writing embodies the spirit of empowerment for women and girls of all ages.  Orie’s books are not only thought provoking but filled with insight and powerful messages of self-love.  Orie’s consistent theme of redefining societal imposed beauty standards continuously push the envelope by challenging media messages that demean and devalue women.  Orie’s readership continues to catapult as the need for positive media increases.


IMG_7446Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough is an inspirational,intimate depiction of real women with real beauty who confront real issues on their quest to love the reflection they see in the mirror. From low self-esteem to feelings of worthlessness, suicide attempts and discrimination, Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough holds no bars as the ladies depicted pour out their souls to reveal their fight against the world to find happiness, joy and acceptance. Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough seeks to empower, inspire and enlighten women and girls of all ages to know that no matter what the world tells us, true beauty comes from within our hearts. This book is a must read for everyone who deserves to be inspired.

There is a startling parallel between self-perception and victimization. Why must we IMG_3096wait on a superhero to save us when we possess the power to save ourselves? Thought-provoking and empowering, A Heroine in Heels offers affirmations and practical advice for all women to channel their innate power. Consciously Beautiful Movement Founder and Author Ardre Orie inspires readers to listen to their inner voice and act on the acquired wisdom that life presents. Orie candidly shares her moving stories of inspiration as well as the triumphant stories of 14 fearless women who defied the odds to take control over their lives. You will be inspired to listen to and affirm your inner voice and become the most powerful version of yourself. Thought provoking, practical and empowering, A Heroine in Heels is an influential reminder that we already have all of the power that we will ever need.