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Storytellers Inner Circle

  It’s Official! I’m Launching My Storytellers Inner Circle! Writing can be lonely. There are a million distractions and factors that can drain you of your inspiration and energy. Every storyteller deserves to be empowered through positive accountability, encouragement, strategic feedback and a trusted tribe of like-minded individuals with common goals. The Storytellers Inner Circle is an exclusive Mastermind Tribe of writers, who collectively exchange ideas and information Read more […]

True Story Threads Web Series

Premiering October|2019

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Author Brand Strategist

Having a good book is only one half of what authors need to be successful. A brand that strategically connects with existing readers and captures the attention of new potential readers is just as important as the book itself. Services that I offer my clients include: *Brand Analysis and Strategy *Brand/Book Placement *Social Media Strategy *Book Tour Planning and Management Read more […]

Front Page

5 Reasons You Should Be Writing A Book Now! If you aren’t currently writing your book, then you most certainly should be. You’ve been holding that story in for far too long. It’s time to WRITE NOW! 7 Social Media Must-Haves for Authors Social media is a viable tool that should be included as a part of every author’s marketing strategy. Check out the 7 platforms that no author should be without. Ultimate Publishing Checklist There is so much to Read more […]

Work With Me

WORK WITH ME It moves me beyond words to share what I have learned along my journey as a writer and storyteller with those who are eager to learn and grow and share their stories with the world. If you are reading this, we need to connect. Here are 7 ways that you can access my expertise and experience for your personal growth and development to tell your story. I have categorized these in order, from those that require the smallest investment to those that require a little more. Join Read more […]

13th & Joan

The Philosophy We believe that every face has a story and that no soul should bear a story untold. The Story After recognizing an over saturation of negative imagery in media, 13th & Joan Founder Ardre Orie worked tirelessly to create solutions that would allow real people to tell real stories that would reflect the diversity of our experiences in life and those that would inspire and empower. The Founder Ardre Orie has ghost written books for a myriad of clients ranging from Read more […]