Ardre Orie Covers Glambitious Magazine

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Ardre Orie Covers Glambitious Magazine

Have you ever had a moment in which you felt proud of yourself? If you took a simple glimpse over your life and the work that you have done over the past year, chances are, you have something to be proud about.  I have worked tirelessly to ignite a flame and carry a torch with one simple message to girls, women and anyone else that would lend me their hearts: “You Are Enough”.  I am certain that greatness lies within each of us. Not one of us was created in an image of mediocrity.

I was recently featured as the cover girl for Glambitious Magazine, created by PR Guru Lillie Mae and Founder of Lillie Mae PR.  Not only was I honored but again humbled because for a moment, a simple glimpse over my work and my life made me feel proud.  Humility is often mistaken for weakness but I believe it to be one of the most powerful attributes that we can utilize as it allows the universe to continue to send positive energy and resources to us. Humility allows us to bow down, kneel and receive life’s blessings.  I want more! How about you?

Ardre Orie



Ardre Orie is a writer, director and philanthropist in Atlanta, GA.









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