Always Open for Business: 3 Ways to Keep the Dream Alive

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Always Open for Business: 3 Ways to Keep the Dream Alive

When the dream is real, the hustle is sold separately…

In my world, there is no such thing as normal business hours. Work happens when inspiration makes an appearance. We often limit ourselves because we place time constraints on when we should complete certain milestones.

Have you ever said to yourself that you were not where you thought that you would be by a certain age? Or you would have hoped that you could have accomplished more? Although this is a common sentiment, the most important factor to consider is that you have the gift of the present. The only true limitations that exist are the ones that we acknowledge.

Here are 3 key ways to keep your dream alive:

1.  Stop holding your creativity hostage.

If you are an artist or one whose goals rely on channeling creativity, make time to be creative.  We always use the excuse that there aren’t enough hours in the day but the reality is that there is time for what we desire to make time for. When I was in the midst of writing my first book Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough, I was traveling monthly consulting, caring for my 3 children, husband and running 3 other businesses. This book was inside of me and I really wanted to share it with the world. Instead of making excuses, I made time. Instead of going to sleep on the plane, I wrote. After putting my children in bed at night, I wrote. After spending quality time with my husband, I wrote.

Now it has become a habit to write whenever the creativity hits me. It has allowed me to free the creativity instead of holding it hostage.

2.  Evaluate the way that you use deadlines.

Deadlines should drive ambition not discourage. Setting deadlines is a good way to visualize the completion of a goal but sometimes when we don’t reach them, we give up. Instead we can learn to place greater emphasis on the small steps that  need to be taken towards the achievement of a goal. Viewing the tasks that have been completed can easily reveal how much closer we are to the finish line.

3.  Believe that you can.

No matter what you are trying to accomplish, you must first believe it possible.

It all comes down to will power and your belief system. I recently read an article in Forbes that in brief stated that roughly 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. So the bigger question is what happens to the other 92 percent? The problem lies in the way we go about the accomplishment of our goals and the unrealistic methods that we use. Lastly, the larger issue at hand is that we never really saw ourselves as capable of achieving the specified goal.

That said, we are left with only one option for success: to believe that it belongs to us.

So no matter the day or hour, my heart and my mind are always open for business.  What are your hours?





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