Winners Aren’t Weak

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Winners Aren’t Weak

IMG_9701The road to success is filled with twists, turns and failure.  On our quest to follow our dreams we must remember the invisible “W” that floats behind us.  We were all placed on earth to be winners.  Winners are often set apart from others because they are willing to take the road less traveled and do things that others are unwilling to do.

Checkout my top 4 ways to stay in the game and win:

1.  Create an action plan.

Decide what it is you want to win and who your competition is.  Ensure that your action plan lists all of the actions that you need to take to reach your goal.  Be sure to determine if your goal is realistic.  This can often be tricky when you seek the approval and/or opinions of others because everyone can not see your dreams and goals as you do.  We must also consider that when we are given a vision, not everyone will be on board with that particular vision; thus what is realistic to you versus what is realistic to others does not always sync.   Lastly, make a comittment  to a plan if you do not achieve your goal.  Commit to understanding why you did not reach the target and taking the needed actions to achieve.

2.  Find a source of inspiration.

There is a gospel song that I listen to often and it speaks of encouraging yourself.  We live in an age where we work inspired by the acceptance of others through social media.  When we do something great, we post and others encourage us.  Real winners are able to persevere even when there is no one else there to encourage them.  They are able to endure and run the race through inspiration of self.

Finding a source of inspiration is key to any victory because we need to be able to channel that source in times of weariness and they are promised.

3.  Outwork your competition.

Find out what the individuals who are winning in the arena that you want to win in are doing and work ten times harder.  The only way to win is to work.  Consider every person that you admire for their accomplishments and I am sure that you will yield that you respect and covet what they have achieved because they worked for it.  There is no question that there are people who are successful and they did not necessarily do the work to get there but I guarantee that they are not the first to come to mind when you ponder those you respect.  Our hard work and perseverance is something that no man or woman can take away.

4.  Eliminate all excuses.

There will never be a perfect time.  You will never have the perfect amount of money.  You will never have all of the people on board to support you that you wish.  Subsequently, winners seize the present.  The present is a gift and it is to be utilized.  There is no time like the present so, go ahead, jump in and win!












Ardre Orie is an Entrepreneur/Philanthropist in Atlanta, Georgia.


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