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If 200 million Americans want to publish books, then chances are, you are one of them. If you have not yet been coached by me and my publishing company 13th & Joan, then maybe, just maybe, there is something holding you back. When I say something, I mean YOU! It is possible that you are the major factor as to why you haven’t yet written and published the book of your dreams. And while I am equipped to bring all of that to an end and take you from blank page to published author, it’s equally important that we expose the lies that hold too many talented individuals like you from adding the title “Author” to their names. Let’s dig in, shall we?

  1. I don’t have enough money to publish.

Let me stop you right there. Our financial priorities are just that, priorities. The first time that I was quoted a price to publish my first book, I was told that it would be $10, 000. I knew right then, that I would never be an author. Fast forward a few years, after writing 10 books, I’ve learned that equipping myself with the right knowledge and the most knowledgeable professionals to assist me along the way, saved me tens of thousands of dollars. In hindsight, I also recognized that becoming an author would be a financial investment. I recognized that all of the random purchases at the mall, lattes from Starbucks and eating out, totaled up to be just what I needed to make an investment not just in my book but also in myself. I have made my money back from every book that I invested in writing ten times over.  More importantly, I also realized that leaving a legacy was much more important than the green tea latte anyway.

2. I don’t know enough people to read my work.

I coach countless authors who begin the process with little to no followers on social media. And while social media is not the end of the author’s platform, it is most certainly a key component. I will always believe that life and everything that we desire to have isn’t about how we start, as the bigger picture reveals the finish. Building an author’s platform takes time, effort and elbow grease. One of my authors who I consider to be a success story was completely unheard of prior to publishing her book. During her first week of sales, she beat out an author who had millions of followers on social media. This is a testament to the power of the internet and connecting with new audiences. My tried and true marketing strategies paid off in dollars and cents.

3. My idea isn’t good enough.

I don’t even need to go here but I will. The fact that I just picked up a book on my personal bookshelf about bullfrogs is a testament to the fact that someone is willing to read your idea. The bigger task at hand must always be finding those people before completing the book. Too many people write their books with the assumption, that people will automatically read. In my Tamar Braxton voice, I proclaim…”Lies You Tell!”  You have to know your audience, speak to them continually and recognize when they are speaking back to you. This same concept applies when launching a new product for a business. Knowing your audience and working diligently to establish one is key to any book idea, even for established authors. I guess the author of the bullfrog book had a bunch of fans who took great interest in bullfrogs but I digress.

4. I’m Afraid.

You should be! If you are out there chasing goals that you feel comfortable with, boy do I have a word for you. Newsflash, YOUR GOALS ARE TOO SMALL! On a daily basis, I commit to doing something that scares the living daylights out of me. Now if you are interested in mundane life, with no upward mobility, stay in the slow lane. This is not the lane for you. But if in the event that you are up for some action, MASH THE GAS BABY!  Accelerate, drive faster, pick up the pace and get your adrenaline flowing. Writing a book was one of the scariest leaps of faith that I had ever taken. I had every single concern that I have posed in this list and more. After my first book, my perspective evolved. Believe me when I say that this was a goal worth chasing. The doors of opportunity that opened as a result of becoming an author, far outweigh anything that I have ever done. From paid speaking engagements, increased clientele, wider brand awareness, and last but certainly not least, residual income, the possibilities are endless. I had to step out of faith and tell fear to flee!

5. I don’t have time.

No one does. The win goes to those who make the time. I tell all of my clients that if they are willing to cut their social media usage in half, they have miraculously discovered writing time. Consider this, it takes valuable time, thought, energy and insight to simply decide what you are going to post on social media. Imagine if you took that same time and energy and devoted it to creating just two paragraphs? What a difference you could make in your writing journey! We make time for what we want to make time for. Writing is no different.

6. I’m not a good writer.

Ok. Fair enough. There are good writers and then there are those who, well, those who know exactly what they want to say but formulating a plan to capture those thoughts in a way that resonates with readers can sometimes prove to be challenging. This is still no excuse for not getting your book done. Cues: ARDRE ORIE, QUEEN OF STORYTELLING:) Hire a ghostwriter! Duh! Gone are the days that ghostwriters are used strictly by celebrities. To date, I’ve written for politicians, lawyers, educators and a bevy of everyday heroes who were all well versed in communicating their thoughts and ideas but struggled to commit them to paper. There is no shame in hiring someone to get the job done on your behalf. If you aren’t good with accounting or taxes, do you think twice about hiring an accountant? Of course not, it’s would be silly not to seek out the professionals who can do what needs to be done on your behalf. We must keep this same energy regarding the skill of writing and getting our books completed.

I could go on and on. I’ve already written 7 more reasons but I’ve decided to add the rest to a book that I am almost finished composing called “The Art of Storytelling”. This book is purposed to inspire anyone who has remotely considered writing a book, and its jam-packed with tools to make the process more transparent. The Art of Storytelling is all of the valuable lessons that I wish someone would have told me, prior to becoming an author and after.

In the meantime, you should join my e-mail subscriber list and get all of my updates about writing, business, life and quite frankly just to be entertained and inspired. I know how much we all need to laugh while writing the pages of our lives on a daily basis. Life is not easy but trust and believe that every new day that we are blessed to see, is worth it.

If I could leave you with one message, it would be to write your book now. You’ve only read this far because you’ve gleaned something valuable from what has been stated, or you desire to become an author, or you think I’m awesome and I’m ok with any of the three. There is no reason that should be great enough to stop you from doing it now! Your best life happens when you own your story. Here’s to new chapters.


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