Black Friday Write Now!

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Black Friday Write Now!

Do you have a book inside of your soul? Can you imagine the sense of accomplishment you will feel when…

You can hold your book in your hands?

You can begin creating a source of residual income?

You have a tool to inspire and empower others?

You finish your book?

My Author Coaching Program “#AUTHORGOALS” Will Get You Across the Finish Line.

#AUTHORGOALS 7 Step Author Coaching Program

I’ve revolutionized the self-publishing process with #AUTHORGOALS, my 7 step author coaching program for aspiring authors to complete their manuscripts in just 90 days!
This coaching method has helped authors ranging from the entertainment and sports industries to everyday heroes who have a book in their soul.


During this process, I will personally coach you through every step of the publishing process from start to finish and help you to overcome common barriers like writer’s block, book buy a term paper organization and of course, marketing.  This service is for authors who want more than a published book but also tried and true strategies for success when the book is completed.
  • 6 Coaching Strategy Sessions
  • Custom Cover Design 
  • 3D Book Image
  • Custom Interior Design 
  • Editing up to 30,000 Words
  • Electronic Proof 
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Author Platform Creation 
  • Digital Formatting and Distribution (E-book)
  • Distribution to all Major Book Retailers
  • Marketing and Publicity Strategy 
  • 50% Deposit Required to Begin Project (ONLY $50 for Black Friday)

After paying your deposit to secure your space, a team member will contact you to schedule a date for your first coaching session.

Do you have a book inside of you that needs to come out? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the information regarding self-publishing? Have you hit a wall in the writing process? Let me help you. Reserve your space and together, we can Write Now!

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