Chase the Fairytale

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Chase the Fairytale

Chase the Fairytale, It Does Exist.

This year, I’ve either written, conceptualized or published a myriad of business related books on behalf of my publishing company 13th & Joan. I’ve also been diligent in writing about many of those concepts and sharing them to empower my subscribers through my blogs and various social media platforms. In addition to the tried and true business content, I’ve also written and published a great deal of content about love. Like every good love story, there is always the presence of a fairytale in some variance. Now whether the fairytale comes to fruition or not, remains to be seen. It is my belief that the fairytale is an invaluable element in the art of storytelling and in life.
It dawned on me just yesterday that there is a significant parallel between love, chasing your dreams, the acquisition of business acumen and purposeful living. Plainly stated, success is much like a fairytale, and we all chase it. And while true logic might teach us that this is not worthy of our time and effort, I believe the contrary. The truth is that we can’t achieve monumental feats without envisioning what could be. The visionary behind the business deal is just as important as the deal itself. That said, I have taken the liberty of selecting a few of my favorite love lessons that also prove to be effective in writing the narrative of success:
1. Success Worth Having is Not Given, Nor is it Free.

After having been married for 15 years, I am happier than ever but I can honestly say that I have worked harder with every passing year. Failed relationships also taught me that no matter how hard I was willing to work in a relationship or business venture, success is only possible when paired with someone who is wiling to work equally as hard. If one person is doing all of the work, success can be imbalanced and no one aspires to that.
2. Measuring Cups Are for Suckers

Why do we look at other people’s journey and the way that their story unfolds and then draw conclusions about our own? As I’ve stated, our journeys are different. Our business journeys are different, our education is different, our career choices and our walk in life in general is different. These differences are what make us so powerful because we all have a viewpoint and a story to tell. That said, it is not accurate to measure one against the other. If someone is writing chapter 7 of their story and you are writing chapter 1, that inevitably will not look the same, read the same or feel the same, nor should it. There is beauty in your journey. This is true with love and life and business. Embrace it and stop comparing it. Comparisons don’t add up. I cook without a measuring cup by the way. A little of this and a little of that, creates my own spin on the recipe.
3. Advice is Overrated.

I don’t often call my friends to ask advice on my marriage, they can’t help me. In my opinion, it’s like asking a mechanic to give you a haircut. Why do we expect for those who are not a part of our relationships or businesses to give us sound advice on how to be successful in them? It’s unfair to believe that this can work. If and when I do speak to others, I speak to those who have lived my truth. I don’t ask my single friends for advice on marriage. What I do ask all of my friends, whether single or married is how to be a better person? I do ask how I am perceived through various actions that compel me to work on myself. We can all support each other in various ways but I believe that we have to get very specific about what we seek and where we seek it from. Advice is overrated. In business, God gives you the vision, which means that you are the person who is responsible for seeing it through to fruition. Just you.

4. Never Give Up.
Now, trust and believe, I am not saying never give up on a bad relationship. I’ve witnessed how that works and well, no. A toxic relationship doesn’t deserve anymore time, energy, resources, etc. Just as a toxic business must be brought to a screeching halt, this is also true of relationships and love. However, the vision to give love and to be loved as well as the vision to succeed in business and purpose, must always be pursued. In times of feast and in times of famine, we must chase what we are after and relentlessly I might add.

All in all, I ‘ve learned that love goals and business goals go hand in hand. I would venture to say that walking in purpose and giving our gifts and talents to the world and those around us is indeed the highest form of giving and receiving love that we can offer. This, my friends is the fairytale. Go out and love somebody today. Most importantly, never forget to show some love to the one in the mirror. Oh, and chase the fairytale, it does exist.

Ardre|Orie, CEO 13th & Joan

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