I’ve Got the Keys: 4 Tips To Thrive in Writing and In Real Life

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I’ve Got the Keys: 4 Tips To Thrive in Writing and In Real Life

I’ve been writing for a very long time, actually for as long as I can remember. The funny thing is that in recent years, I began to discover that many of the coveted principles that I use to achieve the goal of writing a book are seamlessly applicable to attaining success in life. Who knew? Last year alone, I wrote over fifteen novels for my ghostwriting clients (not including self-help or business related books, that I also wrote), and while in my mind, fifteen is a very small number, I work with clients each day, who never even believed that they could pen one book in a year’s time. The key to achieving anything monumental is a select list of tried and true strategies that keep your eyes on the prize and the stars aligned for success.

I’ve slowly but surely been penning these keys as I refer to them for a book that I am slowly composing, entitled “I’ve Got the Keys”. In the book, I share these strategies because I’ve tested them during the mountains and valleys of my life. More importantly, I recognize the importance of sharing every piece of knowledge that we acquire along the way that we might shine a light on a path or blaze a trail for anyone who might be coming behind us. This is indeed a portion of the rent that we must all pay for living here. Now, let’s get into it. Check out 4 Tips for Thriving in Writing and in Real Life:

  1. Wear Blinders

First of all, if you are not paying attention to your own goals, you are soaking up the life, energy and valuable effort that could be thrusting you in the right direction. When I say “wear blinders”, I mean it. I never really share this, but I actually don’t view the social media of others who do the exact same thing that I do. Don’t get me wrong, I make a concerted effort to collaborate with colleagues in the same field, and to support their work but I do not view their daily moves on social media. This helps me to remain laser-focused on what I need to accomplish and deters me from engaging in the ultimate dream killer, comparison. I have watched the variation in progress when I am laser-focused on growing my publishing company and building my brand. If we learn to wear blinders, we will gain clarity, focus and a clear path to walk towards destiny.

2. Set Goals

If you don’t know what you are aiming for, you are certain to miss every time. Each day, I set specific writing goals for each book that I am working on. If I am working on multiple books simultaneously, I set a goal for what needs to be accomplished within each book on a daily basis. These goals along with word counts that I deem necessary to complete the book. Breaking a large task such as writing a book into small, digestible bites, makes the goal attainable. The act of checking off my writing goals for the day gives me a sense of accomplishment. I do the same series of activities with all of my Author Coaching clients to help them realize the finish line for their books. This strategy works with anything that we want to achieve in life. No target, no goal.

3. Silence Fear At All Costs

I always say that fear and failure cannot coexist. Once always cancels the other. If we allow fear to set in, it paralyzes us in ways unimaginable. Before I prepare to write a book for a client, I always experience a moment of what I know to be self-doubt. I ask myself “Can you really do this?” I think that experiencing that moment has been critical to my success. It motivates me to work hard and to not take the opportunity that I have been afforded for granted. Recently, I worked to pen the memoir of a musical legend that spanned over the course of sixty years. I want to say that I had several moments of doubt through the process but the only way to reach the finish line was to silence the inner critic. I had to fight through any moments of insecurity to get to the end result, which was “Rock and Soul”, The Memoirs of Thomas McClary, Founder of The Commodores. The book turned out to be a major success and was met with astounding reviews from NBC and CBS. I believe that we will eventually turn the book into a screenplay and I couldn’t be more excited. Had I not silenced the voice that was fueled by fear, the book would have never gotten completed. This was a monumental feat in my career but it only happened because I fought to silence fear.

4. Just Say “No”

In writing, simple is excellent. The goal is not to write the most words but more so, to give the clearest depiction of the story or information, that the reader can easily comprehend. When working with my team of editors, it is always recommended for me to alleviate unnecessary words because they weigh the sentences down. In writing and in life, there are so many people, places and things for us to consider on a daily basis. And, if, it’s true that we all have the same twenty-four hours as Beyonce, that means that we must also become well versed in alleviating the people, places, and things that don’t serve us, or that detour us from reaching our goals. Trust me when I say that if you do a true analysis of your life, on a daily basis, you can find several people, places or things that can be alleviated. These people, places, and things that must go are inevitably dead weight. I don’t even have to elaborate here. You know just as well as I do, that you can not climb upwards if you have too many things holding you down. Take into consideration the mountain climbers who alleviate items that are no longer needed as they go higher. The higher you go, the heavier the dead weight becomes. Simply put, clean house, and get rid of all of the people, places, and things that you don’t need. Saying no to those things will lighten the load, literally.

The goal in life is to set goals, execute, win and repeat. It is as simple as that. Whether through writing, living, working, playing or loving, the goal remains the same. These series of events are what I refer to as thriving. We all deserve to thrive and evolve into the best versions of ourselves, discover happiness and gain clarity in our walks of life. Thriving to me is more than simply existing, it is living the best life possible. Now, that’s the key!

Ardre Orie is the CEO and Founder of 13th & Joan Publishing House and a Celebrity Ghostwriter who coaches aspiring writers from blank page to published work. Follow her journey on all social media @IAMArdreOrie and Subscribe to her mailing list here: www.IAMArdreOrie.com.

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