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Turn the Page

When was the last time you read an average book? Chances are, you don’t really recall. As a writer, I am always finding new parallels between writing, the characters that I create and real life. In all honesty, living life is a lot like reading a book. Unlike the characters whose destinies have been written and they maintain no power to find their way, we have been awarded with so many more options with which to conquer life. We were meant to conquer life. We were meant to conquer happiness and prosperity and an abundance of resources. Life is meant to be lived. We were never meant to be average. We are meant to be extraordinary.
There are, however, factors that diminish our power and affect our ability to triumph. These factors if not alleviated, allow us to live and perform in an average manner.
But like reading a book, we too have the option to turn the page. Here are three instances that you must turn the page to avoid mediocrity in real life:
1. Anything that steals your sanity, peace of mind, joy, money, time, purity, or spirituality, turn the page.
2. If something makes you silence your inner voice also known as your conscious, turn the page.
3. If a person or an act does not align with your end goal, turn the page.

If by chance you decide to stay on the same page, it is certain that you will keep reading the same story over and over again.
There are some stories that are worth reading more than once because they turn out to be teachable moments. As for me, I wish to take the lesson the first time and run towards destiny.  I wrote about strategies to keep mediocrity at bay in my book Let Your Lips Speak Life.

The truth is that we must avoid mediocrity at all costs. Our daily walk must be in excellence to realize all that life has to offer.

No one remembers the average stories, only the extraordinary. Are you writing yours in an extraordinary way? I’m sure it’s a real page turner!
All my love.

Ardre Orie


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