True Colors

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True Colors

Confident women, don’t compete.
My life has been bursting at the seams with new opportunities, simply due to the abundance of collaboration with other like minded women.
I absolutely love women because I feel like there is so much that we endure. I personally understand how much effort goes into pulling yourself together to leave the house, care for families and friends and go out into the world to serve as a bonafide boss. Let’s be clear, being a woman isn’t easy.

To our advantage, girl power is alive and well, and it’s totally up to us to keep it that way. We must be our sister’s keepers. From keeping each other accountable for working in the midst of our full potential to taking time to give sincere compliments. As I always say, girls rule the world.
What sometimes hinders us is jealousy. When we fall victim to comparison, we always lose. Not one of our journeys is the same and for good reason. The differences make us stronger as we can help each other navigate life with wisdom. When we forget this, it is never good. In my book A Heroine in Heels, I wrote a chapter that speaks to this end. Checkout my poem “True Colors” featured in A Heroine in Heels:

True Colors
I want what she has, but I am too proud to admit it.
I’ve got green on my hands.
I wanted to congratulate her, but she had enough people to tell her how amazing she was already.
I’ve got green on my hands.
I’m kind of sick of seeing her. The vision of her face is becoming a constant reminder of just how much I am being overlooked.
I’ve got green on my hands.
I just don’t understand what everyone sees in her that they don’t see in me.
I’ve got green on my hands.
I’m not going to support her; I’ve got my own dream to build.
I’ve got green on my hands.
Oh, you thought what she did was amazing? I call it average at best.
I’ve got green on my hands.
I deserve to be honored and recognized for my work, but we keep seeing her. I wholeheartedly disagree.
I’ve got green on my hands.
I have come to the conclusion that you don’t have to like everybody, and that’s okay. She was never a true friend to me anyway.
I’ve got green on my hands.
I just want my time to shine, my name written in lights. I just want the same thing that she is getting out of life. She looks so happy, and I, too, deserve this joy. I’ve worked so hard in silence, but, today, I want more. Today, I want to have my moment for life, but this green on my hands won’t stop causing me grief and strife.
You see, the more I think of her, the less I think of me, and every bit of my joy is being stolen by the thief.
This green on my hands is only a disguise for the envy that I so often deny. I am envious of her, because I have not recognized my own value; for if I did, there would be no need to compare. What is for her is for her and me for me, no true need to stop and stare.
Envy is a dangerous color, and it holds us back on our journey. What is for her is for her and me for me, no true need to compare. Comparison is the thief of joy, and that’s the end of the story.
I wash my hands again, and my life changes in an instant: I congratulate, celebrate, and honor her, because she deserves it. My light begins to shine so bright that it illuminates the room. I am who I am and have learned to take pride in watching my flowers bloom. My hands are no longer green with envy; today, they are as white and pure as snow. A blank canvas available for life to write and me to show. I am open to my journey and I lift my hands to the sky. What is for me is for me, and I now know that I won’t be denied.
My hands are no longer green with envy, they are as white and pure as the snow. What is for me is for me and I release all traces of envy, she doesn’t live here anymore..

Simply put, confident women don’t compete because they realize that there is no competition. In this spirit, you cheer for your fellow sister, you snap your fingers when you see her looking fierce and you like her posts and photos with ease because you know Shea’s putting in work. Today’s message is a gentle reminder that to love your sister is to love yourself.
What we need is unity. We can and should all win if only we believe in our strength in numbers. I encourage you today, to tell a woman that she is amazing. Don’t forget to start with the one in the mirror. All my love. ❤
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