The World Needed You!

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The World Needed You!

Can you believe that after God created the entire galaxy, filled with the moon and the stars and the sun and after HE sculpted the wondrous world with mountains and valleys and all of the beautiful things that we so often take for granted, He still thought that it needed you?

Do you know how special you are? We spend so much time comparing ourselves to others that we don’t stop to simply smell the roses. When was the last time that you stood in the mirror and just admired yourself? You should.  After all that you have been through, you are still standing. The simple fact that you woke up and opened your eyes today is a gift.

    There is purpose simply in your existence. Will you walk in it?  For so long, I searched for purpose. I really never felt like I was truly walking in mine, until after writing my first book. Doing so, gave me a voice that I never even knew existed. That’s just my story. Our lives unfold in ways that we can not imagine.

    The one factor that I have recognized to be consistent in terms of what we need to succeed is self-worth.  How we speak to ourselves and what we believe to be true about ourselves is key. Our words have power. We can either speak life into our existence or death into our demise. We must constantly work to use words that set the tone for and reproduce the energy that we want to manifest abundantly in our lives.

    I have long advocated for the use of quotes and absolutely loved their use on post it notes on mirrors in the show Being Mary Jane. I also read scriptures, and anything positive that affirms what I know that I should be feeding my soul. Let’s face it, the world gives us quite a few negative affirmations through media and visual imagery that does not always help us to maintain a healthy depiction of who we should be. And that’s just it. No one should define who you should be expect you.

In addition to reading, I’ve also been writing affirmations.  As I write them, I too receive the powerful words that I need to be ever present in my life. I teach my daughters the power of their words and anyone else that will allow me to share. Oh but today! Today, I’ve decided to share with you that I have finished writing and publishing my next book Let Your Lips Speak Life: 30 Days of Self-Affirming Love!

Here’s what it’s all about:

Do you know that your words have power?  Let Your Lips Speak Life: 30 Days of Self-Affirming Love, takes you on a self-guided 30 day challenge to recondition your approach to self-talk and self-love.   Beginning each day with powerfully constructed affirmations, create balance within the mind, body and soul that serve as a thought-provoking reminder of just how powerful you are.

I’ve been keeping these affirmations close to my heart for quite some time now but on this day, I prepare to share them with you. Not only is the book filled with affirmations, but it also provokes you to dig deeper into your personal story and pull out elements to consider writing your own book.  I wholeheartedly believe that there is a story and an inner voice within each of us that deserves to be heard and recognized.  Let Your Lips Speak Life: 30 Days of Self-Affirming Love will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million at the end of this month!  If I have anything to show for having lived this life, it will be an abundance of reminders in the form of books, films, products and anything else that I can think of to let you to know that this world needed you. Can you believe it? This world needed you too!  Remember, #letyourlipsspeaklife. All My Love


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