Pause for the Cause: 4 Reasons the Plot Twist is Your Friend

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Pause for the Cause: 4 Reasons the Plot Twist is Your Friend

They say that with age comes maturity. I wholeheartedly agree. As time has passed, I have learned that there is great value in our ability to press the pause button during the moments of life that don’t go as planned and trust me, there will be several.
What we must keep in mind when writing the stories of our lives is that there are many things outside of our control. For control freaks like me, this could be scary but I’ve learned to press the pause button and yell “Plot Twist”.

In life, most often, the pause button provides us with the ability to freeze any form of media that we are consuming whether tv, music, video game, YouTube, etc.
And while one could imagine that the “play” button is the most important, I offer the pause button as the champion.

Pausing during life’s moments of uncertainty allows us to observe, engage and access. These are often steps that we miss while writing our stories also known as the hustle and bustle of life. These moments occur when the “play button” has been striked.

Everything is a story in my head so of course, I put things into perspective through writing the book of our lives. The important factor here’s is that we have the power to press pause. During moments of pausing, I have learned to ask myself the following questions before hitting the play button and writing new chapters:
1. What will I learn from this part of the story?
2. Do I have access to the person, place or thing that can help me to finish writing this chapter?
3. Can I offer anything of value to the storyline?
4. What elements need to be alleviated to make the story flow smoothly?

Sometimes your story can’t flow because there are people or distractions in the way. We have to remember that we are all in the process of writing our stories but there are times when the chapter that one person is on is not quite in sync with the chapters that we are writing. Honesty would have us to recognize that if this is the case, the ending does not go well.

That’s why the plot twist is essential for the soul and the story. I think we often forget that we have the power to write the narrative. The pen is in our hands.
That’s what’s so beautiful about writing. The narrative belongs to us. And although we can’t control everything, we have been gifted with the plot twist which allows us to recognize that things don’t go according to plan and we can write them from a new perspective. Hitting the pause button allows you to collect your thoughts and write again after careful assessment.

Don’t cry about the plot twist, celebrate its power. Change the direction of the story. Surprise the reader, write yourself as a champion. It’s all in the power of your pen or your actions should I say.
I offer you two more things to do in the midst of the pause that should occurs after a plot twist in your book of life:

1. Filter negativity at all costs.
2. Screen your circle often.
3. Execute your vision relentlessly.

Write your story, your way and make no apologies for it. Remember, when life throws you a curve, put your pen down, pause to reflect and and yell “Plot Twist”.
All my love.
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