There Are Levels to This: 5 Things You Must Do Before the New Year

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There Are Levels to This: 5 Things You Must Do Before the New Year

Growth requires us to
find strength in the midst
of discomfort knowing that
the ultimate prize is to
never be the same.

And if there is anyone who is waiting for the New Year to do set anything in motion, chile please! I have probably announced and set in motion half of my initiatives that will manifest in the New Year already. I don’t want the universe to wait to conspire with me, I’m ready to collect my harvest. I’m sowing seeds now for future seasons of reaping. Are you? Of course you are. And we all know that nothing easy is worth having so we will always need encouragement along the way. Checkout my top 5 Tips for Kicking of the New Year and achieving new levels:

1. Stop waiting.
Duh! The New Year, as far as your goals, begins when you say it begins. There is so much that we are not in control of. This one is all you. Make it happen! The only thing that will happen if you don’t do it now is that more time will have passed. Can’t get that back. Jump!

2. Go with it.
Everything won’t go according to plan. Why should it? Where’s the storyline and plot twist in that? There has got to be a little drama and some tension to see if you are really committed to go the distance. You said you wanted it, so be willing to work for it until it is done. Simple right? Still doesn’t feel good but it is so much better when you learn to go with the flow. When a leaf is blown along the sidewalk, it gets much further in sync with the current of the wind.

3. Don’t go chasing waterfalls.
All hail J. Cole for reminding us to be leery of False Prophets”. Everything that you see on “Da Gram” isn’t as it appears. All that glitters isn’t gold and everyone is not living according to what you see in photos. The key is to determine what winning is for you. On your own terms. Period. Never let what anyone else is doing affect what you wish to achieve.
I support anyone walking towards purpose but I wear extreme blinders. I am only concerned with the goals that God told me to accomplish. I am not looking for anyone to give me an opportunity, put me on, make a connection or any other favor. I seek the favor of God and work to be the plug myself.

4. Make it rain.
Stop being so cheap. If you aren’t willing to spend money to build your dreams, why should anyone be willing to spend their hard earned money to buy into it? You think that people can’t see your progress over time?
It is obvious who has been working and who is growing and those are the folk that others will gravitate towards. You have to be your first investor. It gets ugly sometimes and anyone who says that it doesn’t isn’t truthful. Your goals will cost you time, sweat and dollars. I don’t want s cheap payoff so I’m willing to invest as much as possible to get to my next destinations. Hire that coach, file for your LLC, get your website up. A Facebook page is not a website by the way. Seek the professional help that you need to show people that you are serious. It shows.

5. Celebrate the small wins.
Give yourself credit. If you took time to do anything to chip away at your goal, celebrate. This is a marathon. You are in for a long run but it is so fun when you are doing what you’ve always wanted to do. You deserve this more than ever.
The best thing that you can do in the midst of your growth process is to document it. Write it down, photograph it, film it. You have no idea how powerful this content will be when you cross that finish line. Trust me, you will if you just keep going. There are levels to success and you have everything that you need to conquer ever level that you encounter.  All my love.
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