It Was All A Dream: 3 Things You Must Do Now to Make Your Dreams Come True

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It Was All A Dream: 3 Things You Must Do Now to Make Your Dreams Come True

AO 2017There is a quote floating around that states something to the tune of “There were days I prayed for this”. This rings so true for me today as I travel to Indianapolis, Indiana with the cast of my theatrical production Traces of Her Lipstick. We will be blessed to perform 3 shows to a packed theatre of new audiences. Today, I am realizing a dream come true.
In my humility and honesty, I must admit that this week in preparation for the trip, I felt everything except excited. I had been working so hard and my expectations for myself are so high that I often neglect to stop to take notice of what has been achieved. This is a sentiment that is shared by many who dream and work relentlessly.
Today, as I prepare for this trip, I realized three actions that we must never forget along our journeys. I know these actions can prove to be valuable to every one of us and they are as follows:1. Stop and Smell the Roses
No matter what is happening in your life, there is always something to be thankful for. Learn to stop in the midst of your busy day and acknowledge what is going well for not only you but others. Doing so, allows us to keep the positive energy flowing. When the positive energy ceases to flow, progress can not be made.2. Let Your Lips Speak Life
Stick and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me. Remember that little rhyme? Nothing could have been further from the truth. Words have power. The way in which we use them governs what will manifest in our lives. If we use them to acknowledge negativity, negativity will be reproduced in our lives. If we use them to stir positivity, positvity will be reproduced in our lives. It is that simple.

3. Faith it Until You Make It
There will never be a moment in your life where everything is aligned perfectly for you to pursue your goal. Push forward anyway. If you don’t have all of the resources that you need, act in faith as if you do. You’d be surprised how the stars align. As always, faith without works is dead. You must constantly work and constantly pray until you achieve your goal and once it is achieved, repeat. You must also believe that what you want belongs to you. Success is yours for the taking.

Today, I am not only packing my belongings to take this journey but also my the belongings of my two young daughters Lauren and London. And although they might not understand what actually manifested today, I am most proud of the fact that my daughters are witnessing first hand, a woman who is unafraid to chase her dreams. This lesson will live on with them forever.
I have turned my fears into faith and my failures into the future. Today, I am walking in destiny and realizing a dream that I had once prayed for.

Let us all keep dreaming, keep working and most importantly, keep the faith to remember that everything that we desire is on the other side of fear.
As I always say, go out and slay some dragons today! The world is yours. All my love!

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