The Next Chapter: 10 Things You Must Never Forget When Writing the Story of Your Life

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The Next Chapter: 10 Things You Must Never Forget When Writing the Story of Your Life

Whether you want to or not, you are preparing g to write the next chapter of your life. For those of us in business, we call it Q4.

Q4 or Quarter 4 requires a strong finish to solidify success in 2017. The dreamers, planners and doers already know what action they will take in 2017 and are working to prepared adequately for it now. You are writing your last chapter of 2016 and the truth is that what you wrote, determines what happens in 2017. It is of course not the sole factor but impactful nonetheless.
I have assembled a list of 10 considerations that never expire that we must all be aware of when we write the chapters of our lives. Check them out:

1. If you never try, you will never know.
No one wants to hear about what you were going to do or what you should have done. It’s a bore. Impactful conversation happens when you speak of the action that you are taking towards what you want to manifest in your life.

2. Your visions are real.
Don’t allow your mind to trick you into believing that you are crazy. You are not. God told Noah to build the arc and he appeared to be out of his mind. I have appeared to be very crazy and told on many occasions that I should just quit. I didn’t and I won’t. There is a calling on your life that you have not yet answered because you don’t believe it to be real. It is real. Answer.

3. If you are not willing to invest time, money and tears, expect your life to stay the same.
The pursuit of a dream is equivalent to childbirth. It takes a very long time, drains all of your energy and makes you extremely uncomfortable.

4. Don’t talk to people with small dreams.
If you should engage in conversation with people who have small dreams about your big dreams, expect to witness a crime scene. I have had people tell me that I was trying to do too much, or that my goals were unrealistic, only to now watch them launch out and pursue their own ventures. That’s a good thing. We are all afraid of failure but when we see that it can be done, or that it is worth trying, the fear dissolves. You must be the first to be unafraid when in pursuit of your dreams.

5. Ambition is never bad.
The world would have us to believe that ambition is selfish, especially when displayed from a woman. Let’s move on. It’s not. Men are cultivated to be ambitious and when they lack it, they are valued far less.
Why shouldn’t women chase money, power and respect in the same manner that we chase our families? Why not?
Don’t tell me that a woman who loves God, comforts her family and she can command an income and oversee the purpose in her life is not powerful. It simply isn’t true.
We must push fear, insecurity and every other factor that impedes us from picking up the pen and writing our stories the way that we want them to be written today. On this day, let us declare ourselves to be authors with purpose and power.

I will reveal the last 5 Things You Must Never Forget When Writing the Story of Your Life during my new show “Let’s Talk Live with Ardre Orie” on Facebook tomorrow September 26, 2016 at 7 pm EST. Be sure to tune in and share with your network. It will be good!

In the meantime, consider putting your pen to paper and writing a story that the world can read by becoming an author. That is a for sure way to change your life in an impactful way. You’ll be glad that you did.
You are the only one who can write the next chapter of your story. Write it well.
All my love.

Ardre Orie, Writer|Publisher|Film Director
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