Woman to Woman

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Woman to Woman

Today is National Women’s Equality Day. What a time to be alive as a woman!

The date was selected to commemorate the 1920 certifiation of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote.

And with the right to vote, a hidden power was unleashed. From that time, women have progressively moved forward, broken new boundaries (and rules might I add) and continued to demonstrate that there was nothing that we couldn’t do.
Today, we stand on the heels of greatness and witness the major feats accomplished by women daily.
We still of course face challenges regarding equal pay in the workplace and if you do your research, the statistics are staggering and there is work to be done. But one of the greatest obstacles that we face is the portrayal of women in media. Demeaning images allow the world and others to see us as objects and diminish our gifts and talents, but we know better!
We owe it to ourselves and the world to continue to evolve as game changers and boundary slayers.

Last year, I created a character named Joan portrayed by actress Tasheeda Randle for my theatrical production Lipstick Monologues and her monologue was entitled “Woman to Woman”.

I wrote this character because it is my belief that we have the ability to speak life in a way that no other species can. When we assume responsibility as our sister’s keeper, we take on accountability for the excellence that is pursued and achieved by the women in our tribes. There is nothing more powerful than women genuinely coming together to accomplish what many feel is unattainable.

The character Joan speaks to this very sentiment. Checkout an excerpt of Joan speaking below:


Woman to Woman

By Ardre Orie for Lipstick Monologues. 
All Rights Reserved. 13th & Joan, LLC. 2015. Lipstick Monologues.

Let’s talk. Woman to woman. I have been wanting to converse with you for quite some time now.
You are capable of much more than being looked at.
Woman to woman. Your power far exceeds your round hips and your girl curves and your selfie has little to no value because they don’t know your heart.
Woman to woman. You see I have learned that when I cover my body, I reveal my mind. How beautiful it is to be recognized for what God actually created us for.
Woman to woman. How much longer do we have to subject ourselves to comparison to video vixens and sidepieces of the year awards before we recognize that we are royalty and all power rests in our abilities to make a difference in the lives of others.
Woman to woman.
You have no idea how much women are hypersexualixed and taught that we are only valuable for sexual acts and the skin that we can reveal. The world teaches us that we can only get attention by twerking, fighting or being naked and none of those things help you to know just how special you are.
Woman to woman.
I want you to know that there will come a time when you recognize that you are the giver of life, the brains behind the soft beauty that drives the world, you have all power.

Woman to woman.
Don’t be fooled because the boys and the men seem to give more attention to the ladies that are LOOSE. Loosely dressed, loosely behaving and loosely taking advantage of their temples.

Woman to woman.
Listen closely.
He will not marry the party girl.
He will not give the ring nor his heart to the woman who has not earned his respect.
He will not settle down with the one who can’t keep her legs closed. He won’t provide a life for the money chaser. He won’t make a life with you just because you are the baby’s mother. Woman to woman.
Don’t be fooled.
He will not love you if you haven’t already learned to love yourself.

I have but one wish for you:
That you discover love.
Love drives every emotion and every fear. Love takes us to places that we can only imagine. Love heals, and yes sometimes it hurts but most importantly love conquers.

Woman to woman.
The greatest of love lives inside of you.
You must give love relentlessly, not fearfully. You must renew love, you must respect love.

If you remember nothing else that I have told you, remember that we spoke Woman to Woman. The greatest of love lives inside of you, the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away.
Woman to Woman.

All Rights Reserved. 13th & Joan, LLC. 2015. Lipstick Monologues.

And whether we celebrate Women’s Equality Day or the first woman as the President of the United States of America, we will continue to watch women make history. The greater question is how will we help each other to do so?

All my love. ❤️



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