Love, Sex & Other Taboo Words

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Love, Sex & Other Taboo Words

Let’s get right down to it. Society would have us to believe that men are the only species known to man who cheat in relationships. If we fully immersed ourselves into the messages that we received, we would be left to believe that we are damsels in distress. We are well informed when watching the classic storyline that includes the faithful wife who is left to fin for herself after her cheating husband comes home and tells her that he is leaving her for another woman.
Cue movies like Derailed, Fatal Attraction, Diary of A Mad Black Woman, and Election. And if any of those are before your time or you haven’t seen them, the storylines bear similarities of the aforementioned. You know, the cheating husband.

But after writing my theatrical production The Heart of A Man, I was compelled to examine the other side. I have been conducting some research on women and relationships and the reality is that women cheat too.

With the rise of feminism (and let’s be clear that I am here for every minute of it), the playing field is being leveled in many arenas. We went from fighting for the right to vote as women to dominating entrepreneurship, education, activism and even winning the official nomination for candidacy as President of the United States of America. Women are shutting it down.
That said, when it comes to relationships, it appears that women are becoming less bothered by the once societal imposed double standards when it comes to love, sex and other taboo words. And while I am in complete favor of finding your soulmate and settling down, I believe that in order to have a robust understanding of ourselves, we must dig deeper and explore every topic under the sun.

My next theatrical production is another installment of Lipstick Monologues and the theme is: “Traces of Her Lipstick”.
Examining topics like women’s infidelity, sexuality, the rise of feminism and saving our men, this production holds nothing back. As a writer, I am not afraid to examine what many consider taboo by creating a stage and a platform to speak about the most pressing issues that affect our livelihood, health and emotional well being.
Not only will this show be entertaining for women as I have planned many elements of surprise but it will also prove to be eye opening for men. Traces of Her Lipstick will be presented in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, October 29, 2016 during my annual Heart 2 Heart Weekend, revealing a 16 member, all female cast and in Chicago, Illinois in 2017.
Tickets for “Traces of Her Lipstick” will go on sale on Monday, August 1, 2016. I will also begin revealing the faces of our newest cast members.

I have written my heart out to give us a voice in a way that we have never been able to set free. I can’t wait to share Traces of Her Lipstick with you. All my love. ❤️

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