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3 Reasons Your Confidence Determines Your Level of Success ❤️
And because not one of us has been born with any more genius than the other, the real truth is that your only competition in the entire universe is you.
It is absolutely a fact that what you believe about yourself and your capabilities directly indicate what you will accomplish in your lifetime.
I can recall so many times that I established small dreams for myself because I thought that I could achieve them. I spent so many years afraid to take risks for fear of failure.
Fear is crippling to say the least. And in all honesty, I have failed more times than I can recall but I no longer walk in fear of failure as I realize that the lessons acquired in the midst of failure prepare your to flourish in success. Even though we wish for it and we work for it, success is grueling. Along the way, blood will be shed and bruises are certain when becoming all that you are destined to become.
And even though there will be more moments of anguish and despair, nothing and I mean nothing trumps the feeling of completion. The blissful moment that you achieve is indescribable such that you forget the pain and the war wounds and simply celebrate. Such is life.

All roads lead back to you. The only difference between those who are successful and those who are still pondering their success is mindset.
I have taken the liberty of narrowing down 3 reasons among many that your confidence will determine your success:

1. What you believe about yourself is what others believe about you.

You are the best teacher.
You can’t fake it here. We are wired to see souls even when we pretend not to.
The best example that I can give is the way that dogs have the ability to sense fear. No matter how bold a person may look on the outside, the dog sees through to the reality and notably acts accordingly.
Low self esteem or lack of confidence is detectable. No one is fooled.

2. What is understood need not be explained.

When others know what you value, they will take heed.
This may not be the best example but I digress. Beyonce and Jay Z made it crystal clear that they don’t discuss their relationship in interviews. And although they are on the heels of the release of Lemonade, we were still left wondering if she was really talking about him. Meanwhile, they laugh all the way to the bank. However, do you notice how we don’t even expect to hear them reveal the truths of their relationship in interviews? It makes the world hungry for just a glimpse of their private life. In an interview Oprah Winfrey told Beyonce “if you never talk about your relationship, no one will expect you to”.
The same principle applies to our values. If people know our boundaries and we walk in expectation of a certain standard and level of respect, those around us will do the same or be forced to flee. Either works.

3. You want to be liked don’t you?

The reason that we all do most of what we do is so that others will like us. If you really put things into perspective, you too will find that we spend so much time pleasing others and a much smaller percent of our time doing things that are pleasing to only us. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that; however consider how much more productive we could be if we didn’t care if we were liked or not. This is even apparent in our social media. Over the past weekend, I posted numerous times and numerous photos of myself and my family celebrating life. And I was so proud and it brought me great joy to share those moments with the world. But if I ventured to dig deeper, I love to show that I am a wife and mom and a writer and an entrepreneur. If I ventured to dig a little deeper, it’s more like exclaiming “look guys, I’m trying to manage it all”. Quite frankly, that’s not easy. I post the good pictures and the ones where my face was blessed by my makeup artist but not nearly as many of the moments when I am crying and trying to figure out how I’m going to get it all done. I don’t post the moments when I question if I can do it and times when days have gone by because I am writing morning, noon and night and I haven’t had a moment to do my hair bother to remedy the bags under my eyes. And why you ask? Because I too want to be liked.
I have learned that this is normal and that there is a difference between wanting to be liked and living for the likes of others. The latter gets us nowhere.
Life is about working towards purpose and guess what? In doing so, the people will come.
Walking unapologetically in your truth and being driven by your “why” makes you intriguing. We can achieve more when the focus is completion of our goals and not being liked by man or woman. Our final approval will not be found in this earthly space anyway.

Allow me to conclude with this:
Never sell yourself short, dim your light or doubt yourself. You were born with genius and every moment of your life you owe it to yourself to dig, fight and relentlessly pray and work towards the revelation of that genius. It is found in the midst of self love. Love yourself hard and all the time and you will achieve all that you are destined to because you will believe that you can. All my love. ❤️

Ardre Orie,
Writer|Publisher|Film Director|Advocate

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