Ardre Orie Named on 30 Most Influential People in Girls Empowerment

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Ardre Orie Named on 30 Most Influential People in Girls Empowerment

I woke up to receive news that I had been included on the list of the 30 Most Influential People in Girl Empowerment. I thought about all of the long, tireless hours that I spent with my mother and a host of amazing ladies building my first business venture The Pink Wish Foundation. 
We began this work because we saw a need for girls to realize their full potential and we wanted to provide them with the skills to do so. Our first group of girls were in middle school when they joined us and over the years, we provided services to over 500 families in Florida and Georgia. 
Last week, we wrapped a scholarship brunch in which we provided $600 each of our final two graduating seniors. Not only did we invest our time and treasure but also our love. Not one ounce of what we did was for recognition, it was all for love. 
As our girls transitioned, I have continued to walk in love towards ensuring that both women and girls recognize their worth and value through my first book and movement Consciously Beautiful (, my second book A Heroine in Heels (, my annual beauty walk (, my plays Lipstick Monologues (, The Heart of A Man (, and even my publishing company 13th & Joan ( as I have been encouraging women to tell their stories. I’m even in the process of relaunching my cosmetics company I Love Me Cosmetics to change the way that we define beauty and make the message of self-love loud and clear. 
I am honored to be listed among so many amazing ladies but most importantly, I am honored that God called me to do this work. 

If you are reading this, I thank you for continued support of my books, plays, films and products. Your support empowers me to empower others and I do not take it lightly. 

A very special thank you to B2F Girls Founder Dr. Shekina Farr Moore for nominating me to be a part of this honor. 

May God continue to bless all that we touch. Our only purpose on earth is to help others. All my love. 

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