This Little Light of Mine

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This Little Light of Mine

Is Your Light Dim or Shining?
I ask you to consider the following question: Is Your Light Dim or Shining?

“I bear no fruit from other seeds, only that from which I was created. ”
Ardre Orie

I remember growing up in school how many times I felt different. I worked extremely hard to be like everyone else. Extremely hard. In my community, being different could and often did lead to scrutiny.
There was something about me that was a little different.
We often confuse different with better but this is a moot point. Different in that I had aspirations that only I could dream of. Again, not because I was special but because they were visions given only to me.
I did not want to be a product of my environment.
The constant bullying and revelations that girls wanted to harm me were unreal. I had not ever dated anyone else’s boyfriend, or willingly done hurtful things to others.
I could never understand why I was ridiculed and isolated for just being who I was.
I recall vividly being called into the principal’s office to be told that I would no longer be able to attend my high school’s basketball games because it was a safety hazard. There were too many other young ladies that had it in for me.
To put things into perspective, I was the Student Body President. I had won votes from the majority of the students to serve in a leadership capacity but there was a minority that did not agree with who I was or wanted to be.
I had dreams beyond my city. For this very reason, like many young people, I tortured myself mentally to figure out how to just fit in.
The last thing that I needed in the midst of adolescence was to stand out more.
I would later learn that this thing that made me different was my “light”. We all have one. However, we sometimes allow others to dim it or we dim it ourselves.
Furthermore, I would later learn that I was a victim of envy.
Like poison ivy, envy is dangerous when rubbed against our spirits.
When we become envious of others, it drives us to think, speak and behave in ways that are not representative of who we truly are and it diminishes the gifts that we each possess. I did not have anything better than any of the young ladies who caused me so much grief. I can honestly say that those tumultuous years left me with such a bittersweet taste in my mouth for my hometown.

I would leave gladly for college at Florida State University and walk into a new world filled with possibilities.
In this environment, most people recognized their light and it was if everyone walked around with glowing. Everyone in this environment had goals and aspirations beyond their current disposition. Everyone wanted more from life and recognized that life had more to offer if you were willing to work for it.

In this environment, the word envy would appear to be a thing of the past. It disappeared into the deep forest of drive and determination that filled the atmosphere.

“Comparison is a silent killer that rises when we are asleep to steal our joy and drain our hope. It must be avoided at all costs.

Furthermore, we owe it to ourselves to nurture the very things that make us different. These components shaken down and pressed together formulate your light.
The goal is to engage with like minded people who not only want to see your light shine but those who brighten it and those who you can light a pathway for.
This excerpt (taken from my book A Heroine in Heels) was written because
I want us to remember at all times, these words: “Dim Your Light for No One”. Our time here on earth must be spent illuminated to light a path for others and to shine as an example of the possibilities. No matter what goes on around you, you have a responsibility to let your light shine. Never let someone tell you that you are too much or too little of anything. As long as you are giving all of who you are authentically, let your light shine. All my love.

Ardre Orie,

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