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Tech week is the week leading up to a theatrical production, musical or premier in which you reveal all of the elements of production not used during previous rehearsals.
My all male cast felt more than prepared as we entered into this week. For us tech week will be about harnessing the energy that we will bring to the opening night of the show. Upon our last rehearsal, the cast was so hyped that they had to be calmed down.
This is indeed a good sign because I know that I have created an environment that allows men to have a stage and women to hear their hearts. As a wife, sister and friend, I recognize that there is so much value in hearing the heart of a man.
And even though we are strong, independent, focused, driven and leading in all industries, we still need men. They are meant to care for us and to protect us. No matter how much we deny it and how much the world would have us to believe that we don’t, women need men. We all need each other in the world. But first, we need to hear their hearts.

In the production The Heart of A Man, we talk about subjects including love, marriage, sexuality, infidelity, HIV, rape, domestic violence, abuse, you name it. I left no stone unturned when writing this show because I wanted for women to have answers to all of the things that we wish we knew about men.
The show features an 18 member all male cast, 10 male models, 4 designers, 1 performer and infinite surprises. Men are often seen and not heard until now.

So, technically it’s our tech week but we are so ready. The greater question is, are you?

Join me in Atlanta, on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at the Landmark Midtown Arts Cinema. The show premieres at the stroke of midnight.

All my love. ❤️


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