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Lemonade & Other Sweet Drinks

imageWhat’s Inside The Heart of A Man?

By now, you’ve drank all the lemonade that you can stand after the surprise release of Beyonce’s new album bearing the same title. If there is one thing that Queen Bey knows how to do, it’s market. She is beyond iconic when it comes to selling us a storyline and a ticket. And whether or not you could afford a ticket to the World Tour, you and I along with everyone else in the world pulled up a seat at the table and sat down for a cold glass of #lemonade.

That said, we heard from Beyonce but I still can’t help but wonder what the men were thinking when they heard the album and saw the visuals? No matter what we say, the way that men think and feel about us and the way that they treat us, plays a massive role in how we define our worth.
Many were wondering “if Beyonce who is worth billions with the amazing face and body to boot can get cheated on and take her husband back, what does that mean for the rest us?”

In all honesty, I say, it means absolutely nothing because we all bear different levels of tolerance for infidelity and every other issue that can often plague relationships. We still have the last say in what happens to us and what we decide that we can handle. But even so, we must acknowledge that Jay Z has been silent. He has continued about his business unbothered. We heard Beyonce but what do men really have to say?

I was tired of wondering so I decided to ask and then I decided to share my answers with you through my stage play Ardre Orie Presents The Heart of A Man.

Click Here to Purchase Tickets for Ardre Orie Presents The Heart of A Man

Click Here to Purchase Tickets for Ardre Orie Presents The Heart of A Man

Here is a blurb about the stage play:

Men are often seen and not heard. The Heart of A Man is a unique stage production that interweaves the true emotions of a man’s mind and heart into words and soliloquies that often go unspoken and allow him to bear his soul to the world. The Heart of a Man takes audiences on a journey of realization, triumph, inspiration and ultimately love. Written and directed by Award winning author, playwright and director Ardre Orie, The Heart of Man was created to give women a uniquely orchestrated opportunity to experience a man’s true feelings and inner most thoughts. Will you find yourself in his story?

But wait, there’s more. I didn’t want to just know what men felt about infidelity, I also wanted to know about the issues that plague their hearts that affect the way we interact with them. I even wrote a character who speaks about being molested and how it forever changed the fiber of who he was. In this play we discuss everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything.


I just want for women to know that #lemonade is made the way we choose to make it. I invite you to join me for this history making moment when my all male cast pours out their souls to share with you The Heart of A Man. Don’t miss it!

Click here to get your tickets to the show.

This is history in the making. We are serving iced tea with a side of sweet lemonade but in all things, we serve love.


Ardre Orie, Writer|Film Director|Advocate




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