Church on A Friday

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Church on A Friday


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Are you sitting down? If not, grab a seat, I’m going in today. It doesn’t matter what your religious preference is, I love everyone but be warned that if you continue reading, you are having church today.
Not church in the spiritual sense per say but I am bringing forth the word.
Are you ready? Let’s do it!

When I tell you that I have learned more lessons in the last 30 days about myself and leadership than I have in the last 3 years. I’m not joking. Quite frankly, I have been working to add more discipline to my execution of self-leadership. Because guess who I’m responsible for leading? You guessed it, me. And you are responsible for leading you.
I would miss my blessing if I didn’t share these golden nuggets with you. Lean back in your seat. This is the abbreviated version.
1. There is no I in team but you must work like you are the only one who is responsible for the end result because guess what? You are! You can point fingers or act like teamwork is the only way to make the dream work if you’d like. In the meantime, YOU must get the job done. What the team does is icing on the cake! We were never purposed to be here alone or toil in isolation but we all know the best leaders are the ones who go above and beyond and keep the team members wondering how they get it all done. The good leaders are the ones that team members want to emulate. The best leaders are in a constant posture of showing those who follow them how it’s done. Blessed is her or she that finds a team member that can outwork them. Until then, get up, get out and go get it!

2. Speaking of getting it. Only Discuss Results.
What’s the point in speaking about why you haven’t reached your goal? What’s the point in speaking about anything other than forward progress? I don’t see one. Where is it? You can’t see it either? That’s because it’s not there. And guess what else, no one cares. The only things worth the breath it takes to speak are results. And truth be told, they speak louder than your voice ever will. Anything else is gibberish. Harness all your energy into results and speak when you have attained them. Save the rest of the small talk for a detailed conversation in your head between you and you about how you will get there. Period.

3. Every face has a story.
What I mean is that we were all dealt cards. Many might feel that the hand was unfair and in many cases, they were. News flash, it doesn’t change the fact that only results count. Have you ever noticed how we love a good old rags to riches story? We love to hear about how someone faced grueling circumstances and they achieved in spite of. That’s because it makes us believe in power. It makes us know that triumph is possible. It is. Let’s be honest, no one ever asks what happened to those who allowed themselves to be defeated. You know I’m right. Results people. Results.
Consider this, if you walk into work and you tell your boss that you had a hard day, more than likely they will say something to the tune of “I am so sorry to hear that” or ” is there anything that I can do”? That’s what kind bosses do. But when it’s time to get the job done, has the expectation lowered or dissolved? Not really. At the end of the day, to get to the top of wherever we are going, we must conduct ourselves like the same expectation is the only one that is accepted.
You see when we work for others, we will not fail because we are counting on a paycheck. When we work to reach our personal goals or purpose goals, we can make every excuse in the book because we believe that it is ok to let ourselves down right? Wrong. It’s not.
And while we must always recognize that we truly have no control over the plans that the universe has in store for us, we are still responsible for the use of our time, talents and treasures towards that which we wish to manifest. Results only.

4. Reap what you sow. I literally mean go and get it. When you know you have been planting seeds, get your basket and go out there and pick your fruit before it goes to waste. I have a real life example of this. In planning The Beautiful Mile, I have had my basket by my side and refused to put it down. I can’t help anyone else if I can’t call in my harvest. Several years ago, I tried to go out and collect harvest for an idea that I tried to work towards manifesting and I failed miserably. I never quite understood why it was so hard to gather resources to help others. I have never put together an idea and thought of myself; every idea was centered around who I could help.
Regardless, of if the results were not there, who could I look at? The team? No. I had to look at me. I won’t fail for The Beautiful Mile because I recognize now more than ever that God has called me to do a job to empower women and be a voice for those who can’t speak. Failure is not an option. I am calling in harvest left and right all for the purpose of making a difference and helping women to redefine beauty by their power and their strength. I’m stirring the pot and asking women to consider beauty in terms of finances and education. These things no one can ever take away from us.
Watch it all unfold. The Beautiful Mile will be my testimony. After it is all over, I will show you the miracle. And get this; It is amazing how those who you believe will make the difference don’t. Your greatest blessings will come from people, places and things that you least expect. And like the preacher says in church: “Make sure you write that down”. Get this and get it good: Your blessings will not come from where you expect them to. The people that you believe that you can count on won’t always be there. FACTS.
I’ve learned to not look to friends or family for business venture support even if I am trying to help others. I look to them to be friends and family and love me in spite of my flaws when the world chews me up and spits me back out. I look to my friends to know my heart. Truth be told, I have found separate circles of people with whom I connect with because of a similar cause or passion or business interest. There is nothing wrong with that.
Now I’m going to take it up a notch if you can handle it. Get this:
Your friends and family think that you are crazy. Half of them don’t even know what it is that you do. You are the same person that they saw day in and day out in your regularness and now you have an “S” on your chest? (I made that word up, “regularness” but stay with me;)
Now, you are attempting to do something extraordinary, it’s kind of hard to digest. Really, it is. Most can’t even wrap their minds around it and guess what? They shouldn’t have to. I have had so many friends laugh at my ideas or wonder why I go so hard. But I’m like the post man baby. Rain, sleet, hail or snow, you’re going to get this mail because she’s delivering! They will get it when they see the results. Stop getting upset when the people closest to you don’t support you. Just let them love you for you and go out and get your harvest in that big open field called the world. Go get it! Did you hear me? Go get it!
Whoa! That was a word right there. I should drop the mic and wipe my forehead with a handkerchief now but one last thing.

5. You have to be willing to get downright ugly. When you are working to reach your goals and realize your purpose, there is nothing glamorous about it. Ain’t no filter for hard work. Ain’t nothing cute about it.
I’m writing to you now and I haven’t done my hair in days. Now I do have the decency to put on a hat as not to scare the neighbors but honey it’s blood, sweat and tears over here. I have no time for cute shots on the gram (Instagram for my readers who fall into another generation) and if I am posting something, it might be old just to keep it popping and not let my timeline die but trust me, I see no point in giving life on social media when I’m working in the fields, literally. Now wait on mommy when she does arrive! LOL! She will come to slay!
All jokes aside, check Oprah’s Instagram page and see how Auntie looks when she collects her harvest from her garden. It’s all over her page, you can’t miss it. It’s really a beautiful thing. And you know what else, without makeup, fancy clothes or a coiffed mane, she stands in all her glory, holding her precious vegetables that she planted, tilled and whatever else you do to grow a garden and she dawns the ultimate smile of satisfaction. Her smile reveals the feeling that we all need to experience when we take responsibility for the harvest, speak only of results, let our pain be our motivating passion, actively reap and care less about who is watching us work. We can all smile like that too. We shall smile together.

And when you do attain the very thing that you have worked your fingers to the bone for, you win. You get to bask in the glory of discovering the power that has always been within. You get to ride off into the sunset, walk the red carpet of life and whatever else your heart desires but most importantly, you get to meet the real you.
You are powerful, you are innovative, you are creative and yes honey, you can.

So stop looking, stop waiting for help, stop worrying about what others are doing and you get the job done. You. When you chase your purpose, the right people and opportunities will find the real you.

I forgot. The doors of the church are now open:) You’ve just been taken to church! Now share this good word with a friend, we all need some. All my love. ❤️
Ardre Orie, Author|Film Director|Advocate


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