Ardre Orie Announces First All Male Cast

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Ardre Orie Announces First All Male Cast

Click here to get tickets to Ardre Orie Presents The Heart of A Man

Click here to get tickets to Ardre Orie Presents The Heart of A Man

Part way through a presentation I was making to a CEO of a mid-sized company, I noticed him look down and away. He stopped asking questions and turned quiet. “I’ve lost him,” I thought and went home feeling dejected that I had bored someone I tried hard to impress. When he followed up a week later to continue our dialogue, it took me by surprise.

This excerpt taken from an article posted in The Global Male is one of the countless examples of miscommunication that occurs between men and women. In the above scenario, a powerful woman making a powerful presentation felt powerless simply because the gentlemen in which she was presenting to looked away.

The article went on to feature responses to various scenarios from Barbara Annis recently published Work With Me: The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business with co-author, John Gray, of the famous Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus series.

They candidly stated that: “Apparently, men turn away during a conversation to concentrate, while women focus on each other’s eyes”.

Who knew? I believe that men and women are missing the buck far too often and these moments affect our self-worth and power. My solution was to create a theatrical production that made conversation abundant about the topics that we have always wanted to answers to. I wrote every monologue with a man’s perspective and in his voice but I used words and phrases and soliloquies that women can easily digest.

I am pleased to share with you that tickets are officially on sale for The Heart of A Man! The show explores topics such as love, marriage, interracial dating, rape, domestic violence, molestation, transgender, religion, power, gay marriage, success and of course men’s views on women. We talk about everything.
I wanted to make sure that we get all of our questions answered.

The cast roster is as follows:

Jonathan Castillo
Orlando Cortez
Brandon Alston
Saveon Armstrong
Marcus Middleton
Zaquan Brown
Jason Carey
Leon Slim
Caleb Minter
Clifford Johnson
Princeton Echols
Beestroh Manteca
Bryan Hibbard
Shaun King
Michael Majesty
Brandon Garrett

My cast has talent that is unparalleled. And most importantly, they are all extremely passionate about bringing these stories to the forefront.
Moreover, these talented gentlemen come from a myriad of professional roles in addition to being actors ranging from corporate America to the music industry which adds depth to what they will bring to the stage.

Lastly, I wanted this event to be different from a traditional play. Instead of hosting it at a traditional theatre, I opted for a movie theatre and instead of hosting the show at a normal time, I opted for a midnight show. I want my productions to create memorable experiences for my audiences. Not only are we learning, growing and being empowered together but also we are without question entertained.
Ardre Orie Presents The Heart of A Man will show on Saturday, May 14, 2016. The doors will open at 10:30 pm for a Cocktails & Couture experience and the feature will begin promptly at 12 midnight.
On behalf of the entire cast and production team, we give you Ardre Orie Presents The Heart of A Man. All my love. ❤️
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