My Biggest Announcement of 2016

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My Biggest Announcement of 2016

Have you ever done something that scared you? You most definitely have to or your dreams aren’t big enough! I was scared beyond imagination of what I am about to do next.

How did I get to this place? I thought you’d never ask.
I was minding my own business planning my 2016 SAFELY. I was planning to keep writing, directing films and releasing plays and of course launching a few beauty campaigns all in the name of self-worth. This is the safe zone. In the midst of minding my own business, my phone rang. I heard a voice that I hear almost daily say: “I have an amazing idea for you”! Now that can mean many things and depending on who it is and whether or not I am helping them or they are helping me to pull the little red wagon towards success (remember that valuable lesson), determines how open I will be to considering but this voice was one of someone who had been working along side me to help me reach my goals. I was listening.

As the conversation continued, the voice says: “I think that you should do a beauty walk”. Did she say beauty walk, I asked myself? I must admit, I didn’t buy it at first. It wasn’t a part of my plan.

Oh how often we forget that God’s plans are always bigger. With a little coercing and an assembled team of amazing professionals who embody this vision; I am beyond excited to announce, The Beautiful Mile!

The Beautiful Mile is the first ever beauty walk and empowerment experience to attract and directly connect women ages 18-35 with media, like-minded businesses and corporations, beauty industry professionals and key entertainment influencers who believe in the empowerment of women and girls to raise awareness regarding the harmful effects of societal imposed beauty standards.

This one day beauty walk and empowerment experience will feature:

*1 Mile Awareness Walk
*1 Mile of Beauty Vendors and Brands who seek to positively impact the lives of women and girls
*Consciously Beautiful Interactive Panel with Celebrity Guests
*Benefit Concert featuring celebrity performances
*Screening of I AM Consciously Beautiful documentary
*Interactive Reading Lounge
*Digital Engagement & Live Streaming
*Interactive Mirror Display
*Live interviews for #thebeautifulmile documentary

This event will be historic because it has never been done before!

My first order of business is to find the best beauty businesses and brands to line The Beautiful Mile with love.
I have decided to release a limited number of vendor tables at a discounted rate from now through January 1, 2016! Reserve your space today by using promo code: thebeautifulmile
I can not think of any business or brand that would not benefit from making history with us.

VIP and General Admission tickets will go on sale January 10, 2016! We deserve this opportunity !

If you or your business or brand deserves to be recognized, click the link below to reserve your space and interact with over 3,000 ladies in Atlanta.

If you are reading this, I ask you to walk this journey with me by posting the photo above on your social media pages with the following caption:

I deserve to define my own beauty! #thebeautifulmile

It is beyond time that the world recognize our buying power and the need for positive messaging that lifts us up not tears us down. Together we will redefine beauty with every step.

By the way, the angel that called me that day was Jauntel Taffe, my Brand Strategist. I now know that she was sent by God to tell me to dream bigger.

I am no longer afraid because God’s plans are always greater and I have some amazing people in my corner, helping me to pull that red wagon in 2016 so that we can inspire you and take this message of empowerment to higher heights. I can’t wait to introduce them to you!

I promised and held true to my word to do everything in my power to create media and messaging that helps us to remember our power and I will continue to do just that. The inaugural mile will be in Atlanta but I have a feeling that we will be walking many more miles in many more cities. Are you ready to walk The Beautiful Mile with me? I can’t wait! All my love. ❤️
Ardre Orie, Author| Film Director| Advocate

P.S. To learn more about The Beautiful Mile, become a corporate sponsor or get involved, visit our website:
Become A Vendor Now
I AM Ardre Orie 970 Peachtree Industrial Blvd Suite #100 Suwanee, GA 30024 USA

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