Miracles Happen Everyday

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Miracles Happen Everyday



Only God Can Do That…
Only God can take a young girl with an avid imagination to college for education and replace her chalkboard with a theatre screen, turn her lesson plans into screenplays, multiply one room filled with children into several rooms across the country filled with adults and ignite a gift of storytelling to redefine beauty for women within the soul of one who fought to find hers. Only God can do that.

I was humbled the moment I received my first shipment of this film but even more humbled when I realized that it wasn’t my doing. Only God can do that. I am eternally grateful to the beautiful hearts who made this film come to life. I am more inspired than ever to keep my promise to create meaningful media that reminds women of their worth. We need it now more than ever. ❤️

Ardre Orie, The Empowerment Maven









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