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Melissa Hibbert, Founder of Beauty and the Business Seminar

Have you met the hope builder? Or perhaps you’ve encountered the dream fulfiller? Maybe you have run into the destiny shaper or even the heart shaker? On Sunday, October 18, 2015, Melissa Hibbert was all those things and more as she activated another installment of her highly acclaimed Beauty & the Business Conference in Los Angeles, California.

I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa Hibbert, Business and Beauty Expert and Entrepreneur via social media and she invited me to attend her Beauty & the Business Conference in Atlanta several months ago. I sat in the audience and humbled and empowered simultaneously by the panelists. I thought to myself that maybe one day, I too would have the pleasure of sharing my journey that it might be an inspiration to others; however, this day was set aside for me to learn and I did just that. I learned so much that I wrote a blog about it in hopes of capturing the essence of Melissa’s toil to inspire and fuel the industry.

After the conference concluded, Melissa and I would remain in touch, continuing to exchange positive energy and encouragement along the way.
Around the same time that I was preparing to relocate from Atlanta to Chicago, I would learn that Melissa was making plans to host the Beauty and the Business Conference in Los Angeles almost a year to the date from our original meeting. I immediately contacted Melissa to be a part of her history. Melissa would appoint me as a panelist for the conference and with excitement in my heart, I began making plans to travel to Los Angeles which would be 2 short months after I transitioned to Chicago.
Although I left Atlanta with several engagements booked in other cities that would allow me to travel and take my message to new places, I can’t deny that at times, I have questioned why God would uproot me from Atlanta in the midst of my success to move to do what I assumed to be starting over in Chicago but I digress.

Fast forward to yesterday; I engaged in a moment of reflection as I sat on the stage as a panelist at an event that I first encountered as a hopeful attendee, in this moment, I found clarity and I heard God whisper these words in my ear: “You had set your sights on a single city, but I want to show you the whole world”.

I get chills thinking about how much there is that is in store for our lives if we simply move out of the way. There is always a greater plan and we often set goals that are far too small. From my recognition of this moment of clarity, the theme of “Greater” was not only cemented in my heart but also interwoven into the thread of the Beauty and the Business Conference.
The atmosphere was abundant and everyone’s energy vibrated at a higher level. There was a shift in the atmosphere they was almost indescribable. So much so that miracles were discovered. Regardless of what spiritual power you called on, you were in the amen choir at this event. Even as a panelist, I wrote so many notes that my hands were tired from the priceless nuggets of wisdom shared during the conference and I would be remiss if I did not share it with you. Checkout a few highlights below:

“Don’t wait until you need your network, activate it now”.

“Understand your unique proposition, we all have one.”

“You must be in control of your brand online”.
Jaunte DeLane, Social Media Expert

“Addition by subtraction is a real concept. Sometimes God will take away people, places and things in your life in order to add to your life.”

“When you recognize a problem in your life, the first question you should ask yourself is: “what are you going to do about it”.

“Start right where you are and use exactly what you have”.

Taryn Tarver, Lifestyle Expert & Health Coach


Author Ardre Orie and Celebrity Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Chris Gees

“Fast, pray and never lose your hustle.”

“Sow positive seeds upon fertile ground”.

“God has not given me the spirit of fear”.
Chris Gees, Celebrity Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist


Author Ardre Orie and Gloria Williams aka Foot Nanny (nail care specialist for Oprah Winfrey)

“Use negative people to your advantage. Let them be motivation. When they say that you can’t, show them that you can.”
Gloria Williams, aka Foot Nanny (Celebrity Pedicurist and personal nail technician to Oprah Winfrey)

“Learn to say yes so that God can bless you. He can’t bless you if you always say no.”
Monique Lauren Peters, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist

“Don’t be afraid to share your visions, ideas, hopes and dreams so that you can truly grow”.
Rita Owens, Founder of Urban Beauty Netowrk

“Know your worth and charge for it.  Your clock should begin ticking from the moment you pickup the phone”.
D.L., Master Barber to the Stars

“You must be brave and bold. If there is a light, don’t be afraid to step into it”.
Melissa Hibbert, Founder of the Beauty and the Business Conference


Beauty and the Business Founder Melissa Hibbert and Author Ardre Orie

As I have stated, every heart that stepped foot into the Beauty and the Business Conference experienced an opportunity to vibrate their energy at a higher level and it was the result of one woman’s dream to inspire and empower, she is Melissa Hibbert.

As I shared the stage with Melissa and the other amazing powerhouse professionals as a panelist and peer and I realized that my steps had been ordered. I was there simply because God had placed me there. He needed a way to show me that true success has no geographical boundaries and/or limitations.
I have now expanded my readership, acquired new “I AM Ambassadors” and established new partnerships and create a new base from which to share my messages of self-love and empowerment. The advice provided at the conference and insight that was revealed to me was priceless.
If you are reading this, never question your assignment, dive in and do the work and God will show you that your dreams are never big enough because he has so much more in store for you. All my love. ❤️

Ardre Orie, The Empowerment Maven

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