Spirituality, Love, Sexuality and Other Taboo Topics

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Spirituality, Love, Sexuality and Other Taboo Topics

What immediate thoughts come to mind when you hear the words spirituality, love, sexuality? I have so many but the word that emerges the most is “taboo”.

I believe that if we deem any topic to be too taboo for discussion, it rises to the top of interest; although in silence. That taboo topic becomes the single cookie in the jar.

I began writing my stage production Lipstick Monologues as a family oriented show; however, I began to receive emails and requests for advice in many topics that I never speak of. And although, I do not profess to be a counselor or professionally trained in any capacity to provide therapy, I easily recognize that there is healing in truth. We often need to know the real truth.

Much of my work and focus in my early career and in the creation of my books and film has been content for audiences of every age but I needed a way to speak to ladies who were older. I needed to get messages about topics in which our self-esteem plays a tremendous factor but failure to recognize our worth often leaves us as statistics to ladies who we’re dealing with these very real issues.

I found solace in doing so with Lipstick Monologues. Lipstick Monologues is my stage production that features women of various backgrounds who depict real scenarios that occur in life. I have drawn on inspiration from so many places to write this production. Moreover, I have established Lipstick Monologues as a safe haven to talk about everything. No subjects are off limits and nothing is too taboo.

While entertaining, the scripts that I have written are at the heart of what we are thinking about but don’t often speak.

Now, upon the successful completion of my third show, I was even inspired to capture the voices of men. The real truth is, men are often seen and not heard and a great deal of our misunderstandings are a result of a lack of knowledge.
I recognize the immense value in providing a window for women into the heart and mind of men.
What are men thinking when they love women, reject women, act in violence towards women or want to marry women? Could it better our perspectives and open the door for some much needed dialogue? Absolutely! Moreover, an awareness is created for us to learn the best ways to protect ourselves from tragedies and open the doors for happiness should we desire to do so.

I am proud to say that I have completed writing my fourth production “The Heart of A Man” and will present it to audiences in 2016! Addressing many of the same subjects such as domestic violence, rape, marriage, religion, sexuality and interracial dating, The Heart of A Man will feature an all male cast and reveal the inner most thoughts of men and their disposition in the world.
The show will be produced by veteran actress Rasheda Randle who was also the producer for my last production of Lipstick Monologues.
What I know for sure is that the more we sit in silence, the more likely we are to become a statistic.

-80% of rape victims are under age 30.
-1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic violence.
-Worldwide more than 8 in 10 people identify with a religious group.
-There are 20 million new STD cases diagnosed annually.

I’d say that we need to talk about everything!

Expression is the highest form of art and I know for certain that information is power. I will continue to push the envelope to create media that is not only entertaining but most importantly informative and helps us recognize why our self-worth is critical at every stage in our lives.

All my love. ❤️

Ardre Orie, The Empowerment Maven






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