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Become an "I AM" Ambassador

Become an "I AM" Ambassador
I can officially add the title “Director” to my resume and I am overwhelmed to say the least. Of all of the goals that I have set for myself, the completion of this project would make the list of the most challenging.
I set my soul on becoming a director because I wanted desperately to create media that could reach the masses and tell our stories and today, I am proud to say that I am finished with my first film!

“I AM” is an American documentary film that candidly accounts one woman’s mission to expose the myriad of factors that contribute to the downward spiral of self-esteem in women and girls that affects all facets of life ranging from education to the acceptance of behaviors that can often result in self-destruction.

I AM interweaves stories of real women and teen girls with candid interviews from esteemed professionals from a myriad of industries who reveal the societal impact on the way that we define beauty and self-worth.
The film’s resounding message “I AM Enough” is critical at every stage of life.

In January of 2016, I will launch the “I AM” Campaign that will use the film to spark nationwide conversation and socially driven action towards awareness and understanding of the dangers of media and it’s influence on our self-esteem and self-worth.

One initiative that will result from film is the “I AM” Ambassadors; a group of individuals who recognize the need for continuous conversation, healing and a change in the messages that we receive from the media. “I AM” Ambassadors will host book screenings, book talks and intimate gatherings for the advancement and empowerment of women and supporters of women in their communities.

What I know for sure is that talk in absence of action is void. We will talk but the film will move us towards action.

Although I am finished with this film, this is only the beginning of my journey. As I always say, “I will not stop until I impact the way we define beauty”. We deserve more! Please join me.

Click here to learn more about the film “I AM” and your opportunity to join me along this journey be becoming an “I AM” Ambassador and to make a difference in your city.

All my love. ❤️

Ardre Orie, The Empowerment Maven

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