Pain Gives Birth to Purpose

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Pain Gives Birth to Purpose

Pain Gives Birth to Purpose…
Have you ever wondered why you were going through what you were going through? Life and it’s circumstances are not just arbitrarily happening to you. They are a direct result of the energy and action that you sow daily. Pain is a by product, a sum of parts; pain is inevitable. The greater question becomes: what will you do with it?

imageThis past weekend, I spent the a few short hours in Atlanta as a panelist for the WYN Conference hosted by WETV’s new series Cutting It in the ATL’s Beautii J. She selected ladies who had overcome various life obstacles to take charge of their lives and their success. The beautiful panelists had dealt with issues such as sexual abuse, homelessness, the death of loved ones, a spouse who committed suicide, domestic violence, loss of self and loss of direction just to name a few. We have all had moments that life was too heavy and the weight felt like pain.
During the event, not only were we transparent but in the midst of sharing our stories, we too found strength and healing. This is a very important detail that we often forget. The labor of sharing our pain always results in the birth of our passion.
We tend to hold so many things inside and carry so much baggage that we are become overloaded. Eventually, our arms get tired and our bodies get weary and we lose strength and give out. However, if we strategically learn to harness the pain that life and the pursuit of the dream can often leave us with, we can revel in a greater calling for our lives.
I began to write my pain. That act extended into writing the pain of others and led me to pen my first book Consciously Beautiful: I AM Enough.  After releasing the book, such a weight was lifted from me and I kept writing and wrote and directed my first play: Lipstick Monologues.

Today, I am in the midst of directing my 3rd show and I never in my wildest dreams imagined writing or directing anything.  My pain planted a seed deep within me that eventually grew and evolved into my passion and my purpose.  I write today for healing and to chase my dreams.  There is no greater motivation than purpose and if we have a pulse, it is certain that we have purpose.

Take time today and consider the greatest source of your pain in your life and think about how that pain can become motivation for your passion. You owe it to yourself to do so. Your pain gives birth to your passion.

Click here to checkout photos from the event.

All my love. ❤️


Ardre Orie, The Empowerment Maven


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