Popularity is Not Success

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Popularity is Not Success

Popularity is not success. I repeat, “Popularity is not success”. This week, I saw a quote on one of my favorite blogger’s wall that resonated with me and it read: Popularity is not success.  Have you noticed that social media is driving our self-worth? Whether we choose to admit it or not, we are absorbing “likes” like air and when they are scarce, many of us become negatively impacted.

Recently, I released the trailer for my forthcoming documentary “I AM” (if you haven’t seen it, see post below) and I had no idea how it would be received. I didn’t even set any goals for how many views we would receive, I only wanted for people to view it and realize that I had a mission and a message of empowerment.  Everyone who watched left with our intended message: you are enough. You would think that I would have felt a great sense of satisfaction as the mission was accomplished.  I received such an outpouring of love, through text messages, reposts, calls and comments on blogs.  That said, after about a week, we had reached only 600 views. Now that means that I this video had positively touched 600 people. That’s impact. Right? It would have been had I not began to scroll through social media and explore other videos and their impact. In the midst of comparison, I couldn’t help but think of all of the videos that consisted of fighting, pranks gone wrong and the good old-fashioned twerk videos that managed to go viral in just a few days. And although, I know with certainty that our trailer is amazing, I somehow felt that we had gone wrong in comparison to the other videos until, I remembered those words:  “Popularity does not equal success.”
 If you dare to scroll, you will, like me make comparisons about who you are and how you measure up.  Let’s be honest, these comparisons manifest in self-worth. We have even begun to merge our self-worth with the self that we portray on social media and I believe it to be human nature, but as the sign said, “Popularity does not equal success.”
In retrospect, the trailer was viewed over 600 times, which means that it has positively over impacted 600 viewers. If I truly define success as
positively impacting one life each day, I clearly met my goal. I was too hard on myself and I failed to recognize the positive impact and that I had achieved my definition of success.  Success should never be driven by popularity; it is a false plateau.
So I pose the following question to you:  In what area of your life might you be stealing credit from yourself where it is due? Where might you be using other’s standards to define your success versus your own?
I encourage you to take 3 minutes today and write down something that you have done well. I’m sure you’ll find that it has absolutely nothing to do with your social media and everything to do the amazing person that you are. So whether you have 5 followers, likes, reposts, views and everything in between, keep in mind that “Popularity does it define your success.” Only you can do that.  All my love.
Ardre Orie, The Empowerment Maven
Here is the official trailer for ” I AM”, the documentary.

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